Laser Spy Camera Lens For Poker System

The spy camera lens system is a kind of very important poker cheat system like belt spy camera lens system and lamp spy camera lens system. In recent days, we have developed the laser spy camera system to read laser marked cards for a more secret poker gambling. 
The laser spy camera lens system consists of a laser spy camera, laser marked cards, a transmitter and a TV on backstage. In terms of the laser marked cards, they are the recent research result for secret gambling cheat. IR readers or UV ones can not recognize the marks on them. With high skills and technology to mark, many suppliers fail to do this kind of cards so these cards will offer you a more effective and feasible way to cheat smoothly. Usually, the laser spy camera is fixed inside our routine items like a mobile phone or a lamp. The scanning distance of this camera can be 2–5cm or 2–3m. Thus, you are able to choose suitable scanning distance under different cheating conditions. After the camera reads the marked cards, the information of cards will be sent to a TV by the transmitter. From screen, you will see the marks on cards clearly. By getting a chance to know the poker face in advance, you are able to play with more confidence and caution in the following poker sections. As a result, winning will be enhanced as largely as possible. 
If you are looking a useful poker cheating device, the high-tech laser spy camera system will be ideal for you. It is suitable for many poker games such as Texas, Omaha and Flush.