US F1 to H1B Visa Conversion Process

Ranjan came to know that the step by step process of F1 visa to H1B visa was easier than directly opting for a work permit in the USA. Ranjan did not want to leave his job life and go back to studying. He wanted a job as a media professional in the USA. He had worked in some of the top media houses in India. He was a graduate in Mass Communication and Journalism.

Ranjan already had two years experience in working in the print media. He now wanted to work in an international platform for that he needs to get H1B visa. But it was very confusing and lengthy process to go and work in the USA. So, instead Ranjan took the easier alternative path and now works in an international magazine at USA.

Step by step guide for F1 to H1B visa conversion

Now it should be clarified that what actually an F1 visa and an H1B visa is. An F1 visa is a student visa allowing the international students to study and work part-time in the USA. While the H1B visa allows international professionals to work legally in the USA. The visa can be converted from the former F1 to H1B later.

Apply for a course in any of the accredited universities in the USA. You can apply for your study throughout the year. There are two sessions per year when a student can join a university.

Once you get an offer from any of the universities start arranging for the fund which you will need before leaving the country. Funding will be needed for primary fees payment, visa cost and traveling cost.

When you reach the United States your actual visa conversion process begins. Work on and off campus to add skill and experience to your resume as Ranjan did while studying in the USA. This will help to get you a permanent job in future.

Go on and get your CPT and OPT on time. Don’t neglect these work authorization certificates. They are the key to your future H1B visa. You can work legally as an intern or trainee even after completing your course if you have these with you.

After you have gained enough experience try to apply in a suitable company and in any appropriate post for your permanent job. Getting a job allows you to convert your F1 visa to H1B visa easily.

Ranjan even got an added advantage when he converted his F1 student visa to H1B working visa. As he was already residing in the United States he needs not have to compete with the rest of the international visa applicants. He got his F1 visa converted to H1B visa in a hurdle freeway.

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