How long back a year can feel!

In 4 hours and 40 minutes I am going to be 21 years old. It is a very odd feeling somehow , how we are perceived to be a year older and grown at one specific moment of a year , whereas it is a year long process , it is very well said that there are moments that define you , and it is a great feeling to be able to experience such moments that change you for the good. I have been lucky enough to have experienced some in this last year , very proud of the fact that I have ‘learnt’ and improved in the last year more than any year before.

There was this one instance when I was reading the form I filled for the application for the licence of TEDx NITSilchar, which got rejected last year , there was this first question they ask about describing yourself , and I literally laughed when I read what I had written last year , I could not feel that the answer was describing me , even though it was written by me only! The feeling I got at that moment was goosebumps all over my body , I was scared , is this much change alright , am I forgetting who I was!

After some deliberation over that thought I let the matter rest , it is alright if I’m changing more than the normal 15% , I am/was 20 years old and junior year in my college , things come thick and fast , and you cannot stop and let go of opportunities even if you’re changing more than 15% , it’s alright , more so cuz of the fact that my newly written answer was approved , hence I’ll take the liberty to assume that changes were for the better , most if not all at least :P

One year is a long time , I still remember till last year on this day , I was absolute zero in terms of technical skill set , with just an occasional website to my name , yeah back one year , even that was a big deal for me , this time last year , I was carefree , hell bent on enjoying what I like and making up for all those years of studying and missing the fun . I had some good friends back one year , with whom I shared everything and dreamt big things.

This year , I am calmer , bit more reserved , a little bit mysterious*, yes people I worked on being mysterious , and much more focused about what I want to do with my time. I have understood the importance developing your skill set and that hardwork is really important and everyone around you is very busy doing that, and I thank ACM ICPC Regional a lot for that , and Harsh bhiaya and Yogesh bhaiya , for giving me the opportunity and changing my life forever** with that . I still have some good friends , in one year some bonds have become better , some have weakened or almost lost touch , some people you just know will be there with you for the long haul , some seniors whom you miss everyday*** and a great bunch of juniors.

The best thing about last year is I do not have any regrets. Big term I know but no major regret , I tried whatever I wanted to , I firmly believe college is a place to take risks and exploring yourself , I certainly did that in ways more that one. Another change that has come is from the dreamer that I was , I have become an engineer , who rather that looking up , looks straight , and tries to fill the next pothole in front of him.

So with the completion of one more year of the Project Aklank Jain , I would like to thank everyone for being part of my one year , or the years before that , my advice , keep writing about yourself every year , you’ll be surprised to read that later and I would give myself a pat on my back , and a reminder of a lot of work that is still left :)

Also if anyone finds my sense of humor , please return it , I seem to have lost it somewhere around :-|

P.S :-

  • *- Girls love mysteriousness ;)
  • **- Forever is a big word , till next year maybe
  • ***- Okay not everyday , maybe once a week or month :P