White dinner MLOVE 2014

MLOVE is like family — with global reach

Being a veteran in the internet business does come with its advantages. One of them is that some conferences feel like family.

Back in 1998, Harald Neidhardt and I met in New York City, both surfing the dot-com bubble at newly founded Pixelpark NY. One of our projects was to build MOMA’s first online shop.

Since then, Harald and I both moved back to Germany, to Hamburg and Düsseldorf respectively, and continued to inspire and be inspired by the (r)evolution of the internet.

The explosion of mobile internet was palpable in Düsseldorf through the 15 years expansion of Vodafone’s business, not to forget E Plus, also headquartered in town. But it is from Hamburg that Harald started MLOVE and turned it to the extraordinary gathering of business and idea people it now is. http://mlove.com/confestival/#speakers

mlove interactive projection

The main focus of MLOVE has been mobile technology. This year, it also embraced the Maker movement, invited experts on Smart Cities and the Internet of Things. MLOVE participants had the opportunity to reflect about the next frontier of mobility, namely the human body.

The basics of a life including quantified self components à la step tracker are now fairly widespread. But the extend to which Teemu Arina from Quantified Self and Biohacking Finland monitors and optimizes his biological life I found almost mind-numbing. Not only does Teemu Arina only eat food he has prepared himself, measure every possible aspect of his biological life, he also looks a lot younger than he actually his — giving quite a new perspective on the promise of bio-hacking.

MLOVE has proven a really inspiring gathering, both for business and to discuss technological perspectives which will shape our future. And it is a lot closer to home than SXSW…

Harald Neidhardt