World is keen to know about Antidepressant and their real effects on health

Anti depression medication is often suggested to U.S. nationals, it is horrible fact to know that every 1 behind 10 Americans are consuming heavy anti depression drugs like Zoloft and Lexapro to cure psychological disorders such as depression. Study revealed interesting fact about these medicinal drugs that anti-depressant are fruitful in almost 30 % of the cases, and mostly show their dark side more impressively, so many patients are victim of side-effects derived from anti-depression drug.

Paul Andrews is a renowned psychologist and expressed his views about much discussed issue that is, incompetency of anti-depression medicines. He said, it is likely to be possible that someone has made a statement based upon personal misinterpretation of the most highlighted part of the chemical composition of depression. He is an eminent psychologist who invested ample time on this subject for more than fifty years, these years were occupied with thorough research work to stand by the theory of serotonin pertaining to the depression, his study emphasized on a fact, this disease tend to emerge because of low volume of the serotonin neurotransmitter responsible for happiness. In his opinion depression is a result of substantial increase in the levels of serotonin. This is probably very basic misconception that has been resulted in poor quality treatment, extremely ordinary orientation of antidepressants are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors this form acts by fixing up serotonin receptors in the particular region of our brain, it is an attempt to intensify serotonin production.

Today, researchers and scientists are not in a position to calculate accurately about functioning of the brain in relation to serotonin, because it is not possible to notice minute observations of a human brain. Therefore Andrews has urged to conduct an experiment on animals and in conclusion scientists said it is exactly the opposite of our assumptions regarding serotonin. Now boosted level of serotonin that are secreted and utilized by the brain during the depression has evoked the processes which promote rumination. Obsessive negative thought that is recognized as basic attribute of depression. It is exactly when the production of serotonin, aggravate rumination and actually intensify the symptoms of depression. Sometime this process gets started in reverse mode but not because of the medicine but due to other therapies.

Anti-depressants definitely prove to be helpful for many patients who are combating against depression. Simultaneously, such research bring attention to the basic aspects that are essential for greater interpretation of the infinite factors which are associated with the development of this common psychological disorder. If you are puzzled about from where to get these drugs then it is recommended to Buy Anti Depression Medication Online. In one interview with Andrews he was asked about why the journey of anti-depressants is taking place in reverse direction and in that case what will be the future of depression therapy.

In his opinion it is really depend on the situation and evidence. Experiment suggested that drugs used on rodents showed significant rise in the serotonin. So that it will certainly prove to be helpful for human beings too.

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