Daddu’s Notebook : A moral story

Plot : A grandson is looking back in his life and trying to recollect the memories of his Grandfather.

Son, Tomorrow we will not exist here but our geniality will always be remembered. Good people are always get respect but bad people always get abuse in and after their lifetime. Our goodness can be the source of energy of someone’s life and that’s how we can inspire people.Always remember the pencil and notebook lesson.

Daddu gifted me and a notebook. I asked him Daddu where is pencil, he simply smiled and said son, you get to know with the time.

These were the words that my grandfather told to me. When I left home for my higher studies. We all grandchild used to call him Daddu. Today Daddu was in his death bed. My Mom,Dad and my entire family was sitting near his dead body. I was there sitting alone in that chair in the corner of one room. His life had a profound influence on my life. I spent much of my childhood with him.

At this moment when I started to look back at the things which went awfully wrong. I was a 6 year old kid when my grand dad used to teach me how to hold that pencil and start writing on the paper. He will take us to the melas(fair) and entertain us at the night with his fictional yet very resourceful stories. As I grew a little older and moved to high school, he taught me the ethics of what is right and what is wrong and simply why it's so important in life to be right always.

I remember, one day me and my cousin were studying in study room. He came and sat with us. The stories were not there. We had grown up now. He took a pencil and a notebook said "this what life is, we have only this much time to live in this world."

As the time will pass slowly you have to fill this notebook with your doings. Whatever you do good or bad everything you have to note down here. One day the time will get over and only thing would be left is this notebook. If you have done wrong things in your life no one will read this and it will be lost somewhere. But if you have done good in your life this notebook will get passed by generations to generations and you will be remembered always.

As a normal child , I may have found his teachings meaningless and simply not interesting. But today as he lays there dead and knowing that he would never wake up, I realize those were the best teachings I ever got in my life. No one else could have spent so much time and effort so selflessly for me. As I moved abroad for the job, I repeatedly ignored when he requested me to return back to India and how beautiful and diverse is our country to keep away from. I thought may be money and progress is all one needs in life, and other things can be bought. But today I realize how important everything else is and the things which I thought to be important mattered least in the longer run. What I did and I understood , was after a very long time, at a time when it's too late to ask sorry from my grandpa and may be return back. But I want others to realize as soon as they can as to what is relatively more important in life. In the end it will never be about our bank balance and how much property we made but always about how we took care of those we loved and how happily we can laugh about the memories we created throughout life.

We always consider and select the things that give us momentarily happiness and inflict severe damage on long term satisfaction. This is the problem. We can set aside our egos and listen to our elders more carefully as they are the people who have seen all the stages of life and are way more sensible than all of us.

Today I know why Daddu didn’t gifted ne pencil that day. Now it is my turn to fill the notebook with my doings.

Daddu I promise to you I’ll pass this notebook to me next generation.

Thanks for reading.. ☺