When was the last time you saw or heard the adjective innovative? Was it some innovative idea in your work? Innovative product advertised on TV or radio on your way to work? In the news?

Yeah, innovation has become the ultimate buzzword of the decade. Everyone agrees that it’s the key to the future. But what does it mean to be innovative, actually? Is it about being creative? Or maybe original?

What is Innovation?

This is the moment when some inaccuracy appears. When googling innovation you’re coming upon many various definitions. Google’s own definition is pretty much useless:

the act of innovating; something…

Productivity. We all want to squeeze the most of every minute. Do more and more in the shortest time possible (or at least your manager wants you to). But is there a productivity formula, especially when it comes to teamwork? Are we obsessed with productivity asking these questions over and over again?

What productivity means nowadays

Productivity is a measure of efficiency. In other words — how much one employee can do in a given period of time. But as we do almost everything in teams now, the HR improvement processes are focusing on the bigger picture. …

There are two types of people when it comes to using browser extensions. You have them all or you have them none. The adventure starts with just one install button. Then, you’re lost in the extension world. You’re adding a new one to your browser week by week. But what are the best Google Chrome extensions that you need to have?

The Productivity Fair — 13 Chrome Extensions Everyone Has Already Installed

Chrome Web Store is 8 years-old. It’s offering us around 188k extensions to install. Yet, only 13 of them have crossed the 10 million user count (that is the highest on Chrome Web Store). What are these extensions?


Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Sometimes marketing your product brings results worse than expected. And sometimes you do things not worth doing at all.

The simplest way to increase traffic is to post links to your product on Social Media. So, as a young startup (Filly), we have decided to make a little experiment.

There are threads for naming your favorite apps and there are threads for posting your own apps. The difference is significant but it is too tempting not to bend the rules. Especially when others do the same. …

Agnieszka Maj

Studying economics, doing marketing stuff for a startup — fill.ly. Also, caffeinating way too much.

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