Sidera- Wearing The Future

SIDERA is the first technology based on decentralized wearable devices-simple to use. The real implementation of Satoshi in 2009, Bitcoin is an actual working systemand also provides an assurance of its long term trustworthiness because it is an open system that allows for evolution.

There are two main reasons why Bitcoin has problem. First is too complicated. It means cryptocurrency suffers from complexity for the average user to manage private keys, public keys and blockchain concepts so that many Billion users almost could not operate a Smartphone because it is far from the average range. The second reason is not relevant. The majority of people have no involvement with process and no interest until the user can use cyptocurrency to buy a rice or bread.

The problem solving of that problem is enabling used in retail Point of Sale (POS) and it includes all of these components will be made widely available by the full-stack reference implementation.

The Ideation of Sidera

Bitcoin also take trading frequency is 250,000 times and the commerce volume is USD 900 million. Sidera has to get 100 million in 3 years using Sidera and smartbit app. they will use connections and products to match the local market’s need. Then, in 5years Sidera has to increase from 100 million to 1 billion. It focuses on attracting consumers market.

Sidera also has mission that community oriented, Internet of Things, Blockchain & Shared Economy Applications. It can help to share a device, building and vehicle. Then, Sidera starts project in September 2016, SmarBit.

SmartBit is a new idea of smartwatches and smart-bands focused on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and the purposes of smartbit is to let cryptocurrencies become more attractive and easy to handle transactions. You can use smartbit to receive, send and manage your Bitcoin, token or any cryptocurrency.

Features of Sidera

There are features in smartbit such as secure anti-Theft System, ghost mode, etc. If the user needs to receivea specific amount of money, the smartwatch can generate a QR Code for that amount of money.

The user has the possibility to choose whether to share the code to contacts like Messages, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc or to display it directly. It is easy to send cryptocurrencies on your SmartBit Device. You have to contacts them and select it whenever you want to send cryptocurrency.

The Sidera’s target of token $15.000.000 and the total of supply is 51.000.000 EQUOS. eQUOS Tokens will be converted in EQUOS coins and 1$ = 0,5 EQUOS. The step of collection that are First development is $1'500'000 (Soft Cap), basic development is $2.5'00'000, semi-advanced development is $5'000'000 and advanced development is $10'000'000. The last step of collection is ultimate development $15'000'000 (Hard Cap).

There are percentage of token and funds allocation and donations allocations. For example like allocations 15% Token Holders for Founders and while the donations Allocations there is 27% Devices development. Sidera also has bands the pre-order that is smartbit pre-order. There are 3 namely Multi-color BitBand (smartband), Premium BitWatch and Innity BitWatch.

To sell the product the organization or company has to make strategy such as promotion in social media, giving give away or Presence and possible organization of events and funder development with an awareness of increasing and conversion advertising campaign.

As we know, there is a risk and challenge always when we create or deliver brand of product. So, we have focus on researching and developing a wide range of smart connected devices. We’ve got some experience in strategic partnerships also to less the risk and to face the challenge, we have to prepare all the things perhaps it can be happened later.

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