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Okay dismissing the Paul hasn’t been out of the second round is so absurd lmfao. It makes sense to use that excuse for guys like T-mac or Allen Iverson or pre big three paul pierce and KG and now russel westbrook, but chris freaking paul???The man has always had the pieces for him to succeed in every one of his teams. New Orleans: Stud post player David West, Defensive anchor as well as lob and pick and roll reciever Tyson Chandler who by the way anchored a Dallas team past his prime to a championship, an all round player in mo peterson and finally a top 3 point shooter in peja stojakovic. Now in LA: elite back to basket and face up player Blake Griffin, elite defender and basically a tyson chandler on steroids Deandre Jordan, top three point shooter in JJ Reddick and not to mention a sick ass bench. What more does a supposed superstar point guard need to win??All the man does is complain and whine about everything and make excuses acting like he is lebron pre miami when in reality he has had amazing situations. He is a good player don’t get me wrong but not on Steph, Westbrook and now Irving’s level. Just totally dismissing his playoff follies is so absurd lmfao definitely the worst of the banana boat reads.