SIBOS 2017

This year’s schedule of talks, plenary sessions, and workshops at SIBOS is a large change from previous years’, where the focus has been primarily on the mechanics and operational side of institutional payments.

Many bank CEOs are investing heavily in technology, JP amongst spend nearly $10 billion in 2016. And at my former company, the mantra amongst all executives at the firm was a simple one: “we are a technology company with a banking license”, spoken many times by Citi’s CEO Mike Corbat.

Of course, there is a huge chasm between the perception of being a technology company, versus that of a heavily regulated, globally systemically important financial institution. The rate of change in Institutional Banking is breathtaking, even in this environment. And this is reflected in the SIBOS conference.

The Innotribe track looks particularly interesting if you are looking to drive innovation in the organisation.

The Schedule at Sibos 2017

The usual banking, compliance, and security tracks are present, with a number of talks focused on the transformation occurring in the industry. In addition there is a strong technology track.

Broadly speaking, the transformational trends of interest are:

  1. Interoperability and the use of ISO20022 and other standards
  2. Considered production of use of Blockchain
  3. Changes in the payments landscape
  4. AI and the need for Open Banking are yet to be developed but have huge interest for the attendees.

Additionally a number of sessions around payments and capital markets in China, and currency management with the RMB, are part of the schedule.

We are seeing a surge in interest in cybersecurity in the UK banking sector, clearly this is not a limited regional concern, as there a number of key slots are allocated to this topic, including:

Changes in payments, include the RMB and China ones, as well as a drive for increased instant payments, more viability of the pipeline, and a drive for greater interoperability. And on the regulatory side, simplification of AML, and KYC. We are also seeing alot around the sharing of information and flows to protect against cyber threats.

All told, Blockchain has 8 sessions, and AI has 5 sessions.

My Pick

Here are picks for the days. I have put the Microsoft sessions in too, because they are great :)

Monday, October 16th

Tuesday, October 17th

Wednesday, October 18th

Thursday, October 19th

Onward to Toronto

At last year’s SIBOS, we announced a collaboration of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, a system for trade finance efficiency through blockchain. This generated a lot of interest, and there will be much happening around the Microsoft areas of the exhibitions.

I won’t be attending this year’s SIBOS, but many of my colleagues will be there, and if attending do drop by. We are also excited because our CEO, Satya Nadella, will be [the closing speaking Break Down of Schedule). He is an inspirational and emotive speaker, and his sessions are always worth attending. And I am not just saying that because he is my boss’ boss’ boss’ boss’ boss’ boss’ boss’ boss.

Lots of others speakers covering a range of topics, from our Treasury Manager giving a current state of global treasury, and dealing with the complexity of multi-banking. See more at

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