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With the coming of each new year, there are always new promising ideas, goals, and motivation. Most people have resolutions in the form of gym memberships, new fad diets, new gadgets, etc… More often than not, these merely just last through the first few months, and if you’re lucky, you make it to March with your resolutions. It’s frustrating and defeating when you come up short, and usually you’re either back to where you started, or you even backtrack. As most people work an average of 8 hours a day, I thought it might be beneficial to offer some tips on how to implement healthy habits at the work place. Here are five that we came up with here at Akommo this January, but please share your own habits with a comment below!

  1. Water is your strongest ally. Research shows that 75% of people in America are chronically dehydrated and thirsty throughout the day. Even if you have a major cheat day on the diet, the results won’t be as detrimental as long as you are drinking a lot of water, as it makes you feel fuller, flows toxins out of your system and speeds up your metabolism. This definitely comes in handy when the office decides to go get hamburgers and french fries for lunch.
  2. Up and at em!- According to Business Insider, people who are early risers and exercise when they awake are more likely to be productive throughout the day, have a better diet, and even sleep better. This is a wonderfully positive correlation, as your body becomes more active and loses weight, your brain becomes sharper and the productivity just begins to cycle!
  3. Pack a lunch- I’m sure many will be able to relate with me on this one, but preparing my lunch after the occasional 12 hour work day is definitely not a priority. I’m usually leaning more towards the bottle opener rather than the Tupperware after a long work day, but I’m 99% sure that any of you who are reading this can relate. Instead of waiting until the workweek is already in full force, try preparing meals on Sunday night, and use this list to prepare with ingredients that can be used interchangeably so you don’t get bored. Stay within your means of goal-setting, and aim to pack a lunch maybe 3 times a week as opposed to all 5 days and then quickly burning out. With the money saved you could probably buy a whole lot more wine :)
  4. Make a list, check it twice- One the best ways to start the day is by writing a to do list before you finish work, that way it is ready when you get there the next day. This ensures that even if you have to leave work without finishing a task, you won’t forget about it the next morning and you have structure to start your day. I’ve also heard that really productive people eat chocolate for breakfast, so maybe start doing that too? Yeah, definitely start doing that. Check out what these successful businessmen and women’s to-do lists look like. In an event hosting and planning industry like the one we work in, we LIVE off of excel sheets, hence, endless planning, ensuring we’ve considered our client’s every detail. If finding the right venue for an event to host sounds like your worst nightmare, get in touch, it’s what we’re here for!
  1. Podcasts increase your IQ. OK, I don’t have any statistics that can support that claim, but it’s nice to think I can increase my general knowledge just by plugging in my headphones! Whether you walk, take public transportation, or drive, there is always at least 30 minutes a day where you can listen to enjoyable learning. Here is a list of the 25 most essential podcasts to download for 2017, I personally listen to at least 2 TED Talks, Russian 101, and Documentos RNE per week, and it makes my commute to work 100% less boring, and that is a fact!

Need a creative approach to realizing your healthy habits or goals? Check out our post on our Company Vision Board (also beware the pics of the pizza will make you drool and eventually destroy your diet resolutions). Happy end of January, Happy New Year, and Happy New Habits! Now who’s ready for some warm weather?

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