Dear Love

I know you are on your way. But let me tell you something. Just don’t come yet. Don’t. Come until I’m whole again. My body, my heart and my mind are not in the right condition to entertain you. They’re broken from issues of family and life.

Come until I can smile again without hesitations. My mind has been full of worries about what to happen in the future. I almost forgot how to smile.

Come until my tears stop falling from the same guy from the past. It has been really hard for me to move on from a tragic past. I want to figure myself out first and know what’s lacking so I can improve it. I want some time for myself first.

Lastly, come until I am stable. I have learned from my parents. I have to finish my studies and earn first before I entertain you. It is hard to deal with proud people and question wht you can do and give.

I know that I am demanding and life may not be perfect for my demands. I’m sorry if I have offended you. I hope in God’s perfect timing, I will achieve what I want to achieve and by that time, I will welcome you with open arms with no doubts. I love you in advance.

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