The Dream of a New Life

We all dream. We dream different kinds of dreams. Research says that out of all dreams we dream in one sleep, we can remember only one. They say it’s either because of stress or it’s a message. But as for me, it’s a message I will never forget.

As I was writing a blog about my heartbreak, I remembered this dream.

I dreamt this months ago. I dreamt of Bee and I. We were in a school. A big school. We were sitting on a bench. He is holding a pencil. He said that he will go to his class and told me to wait for him. I agreed and waited for him to come back. I sat on that bench for hours until night came and I realized that I was alone. No students roaming around. I had a bad feeling. I was worried so I stood up and went to his classroom. But it was dark and empty.
I went to the other classrooms but there was no Bee. I looked over the place. I entered each classrooms, library, faculty rooms but I didn’t see him.

I didn’t gave up. He told me to wait for him so I’ll wait. Hours had passed and the night grew old. Crickets were chirping and bats were flying but there was still no Bee. I started to cry. Why didn’t he come back? I searched each classroom again still in complete darkness. I ran as fast as I could. My shoes gave up but still, I ran with my bare feet. I started to feel out of breath and my knees went weak. I fell down on the floor and shut my eyes.

I woke up lying on the grass with the sunlight meeting my eyes. I sat up and was amazed of what I saw. My shoes were new. I looked around the place and I saw sunflowers everywhere. I was happy. I took a long walk through the sunflowers and suddenly heard a song. Searching wgere that song came, I walked and walked and saw a small nipa hut. “Finally, a home”, I thought. As I was walking to the hut, I saw a man playing his guitar and realized that the song I heard was him. I rushed to come to the hut but a dog bit me and woke me up to reality.

That dream made me reflect on my situation right now. I waited and still waiting for a man I know who would not come back anymore. But the message of this dream is no matter how much and how long life and love has tortured you with pain, there will always be light and happiness waiting for you in the end.

I know it may take a long time for me to become happy again and my fears will keep interfering me, but with faith and trust in God, I will surpass sadness and welcome happiness.