When it comes to reading, I especially think that everyone should learn how to. It is an everyday skill that if everyone knew how to do properly, then the level of intellect in the world would increase by tons. As I get into why I love reading and what types of books I read, think about this; if nobody knew how to read, what would we be doing now?

Ever since I was young and my mother used to read to me, I was fascinated by how quickly she could recognize these symbols and then pronounce them. I always looked at the pictures, but as I grew older and older I started to learn and started to read. In the third grade I read this Yugioh book that was read from right to left, and not left to right. I read this book so I could get a better grasp on the English language, since I did not know too much of it. As my understanding of English began to grow, so did my reading levels and my interest in books. I read Hatchet by Gary Paulsen and this was one of my favorite books for a long time, in fact it still is. Throughout high school some of the in class reading books did not fascinate me. Nonfiction was sort of boring, I wanted books that would journey me through some different worlds, I was bored of reading about someone lavish lifestyle, such as in The Great Gatsby by F. Scotts Fitzgerald. So I turned to fiction and books that were on different planets, books about survival, and books about things that are not common or just do not happen in this world. It really does not matter to me where I read, I can just get so into a book that I would stay up until 1 or 2 a.m. in the kitchen reading a book without realizing it. I just hope that I can successfully bring this style of me but without overdoing it. I would love to read, but during school time it is very difficult to manage school, friends, and everything in between.

Since, I do not have much time to read nowadays, I try to get away from home once in a while and try to read. This may not happen too often, especially now that it is almost winter break time, but I still try. As I will be traveling for Christmas, I will be sure to pick up at least two books to read over break, if not more. I hope that I can read even more and that I can read during times that I am not reading right now.