Strongly typed HTML templates with FSharp without a framework

But, is there a solution?

  • Paket is dependency manager for .NET project, that among other nice features has the concept of a single file reference: you can declare a dependency just as a file, for example from a GitHub project.
  • Giraffe is an F# web framework, it’s default view engine is just a single file with no additional dependencies. And since views are just regular F# code, it just works: no additional tooling or build steps needed!

How to do it?

dotnet new console -lang F# -o src/GiraffeHtmlService
dotnet run — project .\src\GiraffeHtmlService\
> dotnet run --project .\src\GiraffeHtmlService\
The rendered html document:
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html><body><div>Hello World!</div></body></html>

So, a recap

  • Strongly typed
  • Syntax highlight and intellisense works
  • No additional build step, no project file hacking
  • No dependency on a whole web stack, just add a single file!


And thank you!




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Akos Lukacs

Akos Lukacs

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