My Policy Regarding Endorsements

I am writing this short article because I have received a substantial amount of requests, to endorse third party products, to write in corporate or product blogs, to become evangelist or to engage in other similar activities.

In a way I am flattered to be asked to do this, because it means that what I write has a certain appeal, or that my voice works as a tool for somehow “influencing” product demand, so thank you for asking. I guess this is a byproduct of having thousands of great and thoughtful followers in many different platforms.

But I want to make my point of view clear to everyone, so that nobody loses time asking or later trying to convince me of the opposite: I do not, under any circumstance, receive compensation or any kind of employment or retribution for endorsing third party products of any kind, in any field, in any industry.

The reason of this personal choice is to ensure my free speech. I firmly believe that all products suck at some point and to a certain extent, and I want to be free to say it. Accepting income from companies or individuals creating this or that product would limit my capacity to critisize them when the time comes, hence I assume the personal choice of not “professionally” endorsing anyone or any product at all.

I want my followers to know that my voice is independent. I do not advocate this choice to anyone; I am totally fine with people endorsing products for money or other benefits, as long as this policy is clear to everyone. I do so fully understanding that I am probably missing a “huge opportunity,” as many had responded to me in the past; but it is my choice and I stick to it.

(By the way, this has also brought me incendiary comments and e-mails as well, but it means that I am actually touching where it hurts. I have even heard my second book created quite an internal stir in the company who made the product…)

Inversely: when I praise people or products or firms that underpromise and overdeliver, I always do so without any payment or expecting any retribution whatsoever. I just like some products sometimes and I like to say that openly. You should take it as a personal opinion, about a certain product, in a certain context, in a certain moment of time, nothing more, nothing else. Things change all the time.

Of course, if you like what I write, you are always free to tip me at or you can buy a copy of my latest books: “Android for iOS Developers” (in English) and my first novel (in Spanish) “Rogelio Suárez y la Vida Peligrosa”. But do not expect anything other than the product itself, or more writing of the same kind! 😛

Have a great weekend everyone!