10 Skills Every Business Owner Should Have

Ako Stark
Ako Stark
May 7 · 4 min read
10 Essential Skills Every Business Owner Should Have

Developing your business into a successful enterprise is a tall order. You need to be passionate about what you do, but the sad truth is, you need much more than just passion. As a rule, most new businesses fail because they are run by passionate entrepreneurs who don’t have the right business skills. And passion without skills is like a new car without an engine. You may feel like you’ve got everything you need, but you’re going nowhere.

Success in business demands more than just hard work and expertise. To succeed, you need fundamental business skills. And in this article, I will be sharing my list of the 10 most important skills every business owner should have.

10 Skills Every Business Owner Should Have

  1. Sales and Marketing Skills
  2. Leadership Skills
  3. Team Building Skills
  4. General Management Skills
  5. Communication Skills
  6. Negotiation Skills
  7. Strategic Planning
  8. Financial Management Skills
  9. The ability to focus on your customers.
  10. Time Management Skills

1. Sales and Marketing

This might surprise you, but the best way to get ahead in business is to establish successful sales and marketing methods. You know what you’re doing, and there’s probably a reason you got into this industry, but building on your pricing, advertising and sales techniques is essential to business growth.

Analyzing your competition and the marketplace helps to develop your strategies. Learn to craft compelling marketing that speaks to your target audience by paying attention to the best teacher there is: your more successful competitors.

2. Leadership

There’s a lot of talk of leadership in the business world. The process of achieving results via talented people, leadership is an essential management skill. Learn to motivate people toward common goals, taking charge and mobilizing teams in an earnest and relatable way.

You’d be surprised how much you can get done with a team of exceptional people. The key is forging long-term relationships with all relevant stakeholders.

3. Team-Building

Entrepreneurs need picture-perfect team-building skills to stay competitive in a modern workplace. When teams are assembled in ideal formations, the people who make them up end up working to their full potential. Working in teams like this helps to generate better solutions in ways your team members might not have succeeded at on their own.

Another benefit is more productivity, with teams of employees or even investors combining forces to help you push your business operation.

4. General Management

It’s no secret that management involves directing and controlling groups of people, coordinating them to accomplish specific goals. Managers deploy and direct human and financial resources, and put tech assets to best use. A good manager will get the best value from their investment. A bad one will miss opportunities.

Learn to develop and implement systems that manage daily operations and support the growth of your business.

5. Communication

To get ahead in any area of life, you need seamless avenues of communication. In business, specifically, communication is equally important. New employees, especially, need effective communication that is difficult to misinterpret. Similarly, you need an open line of communication with them to help know you’ve hired the right candidate.

Communicating with relevant stakeholders is equally important. Voice your expectations and reactions to the realities of how the business performs. Make sure to remain sensitive to their needs and requirements, in return.

6. Negotiation Skills

In business, negotiations are a completely standard part of our daily lives. Whether formal or informal, the good news is negotiation is actually a skill that can be learned.

Practice comes first. Much like playing sport, people who frequently negotiate are going to have the edge on those who don’t often force themselves to practice. What’s key is developing your approach so everyone ends up winning in your negotiations, but always remembering to put yourself first.

7. Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the life’s blood of any successful business. Define your company’s direction and use that to guide you in making all of your decisions, moving forward.

If you can project your company’s future performance, you’ll be ready to react when things don’t go according to the plan. Otherwise, you’ll just be experiencing the ups and downs of a business without any real idea of why they’re important.

8. Financial Management

Bankrolling your business requires a set of techniques to manage your money, first and foremost. Without a solid grasp on things like the differences between income and expenditure, how to budget, and what an accurate financial performance report looks like, you’re swinging in the dark.

Learn to interpret and analyze your financial statements in a meaningful way for a better understanding of your success and how to fix your failures.

9. A Focus On Your Customers

We can talk about the ins and outs of smart business all day, but after all these years one thing is still as true as it’s always been: no customers means no business.

Practice your pitches, tailor your services, and conduct constant research until you’re able to give your customers better service than you ever thought possible.

10. Time Management

In life, as in business, the common-sense skill of time management helps to optimize your time for increased productivity. Managing your time is important because, with only 24 hours in a day, the savvy business manager is the one who uses their time more effectively.

Develop your time management skills, and you’ll learn to achieve more in less time. If you know how to manage your time, your focus will end up shifting to activities more likely to bring out the value in your business.

Ako Stark

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Ako Stark

Ako Stark is an Entrepreneur, Author, Internet Personality and digital marketing expert, with years of experience, specializing in helping businesses grow.

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