You’ve either got it, or you don’t!

I live in Los Angeles, and everyone you meet in the “industry” of film and entertainment generally will introduce themselves and list off millions of different things they are apart of, for example someone may introduce themselves as an actor, but is also a director, a writer, a photographer etc. But what if you say you are those things and really you aren’t. Or say you are those things, but you’ve been through it all and you realize that after doing it, maybe this just isn’t the right place for you.
How many of us are just struggling to get by in LA? To make an extra dollar and do silly things, write obscure works just to get noticed? I know I have. But the fact really is, is that maybe we are just trying too hard and we aren’t getting the right answer we should be. You can audition or call as much as you want but a casting company like Central Casting, which is FREE to join, you call but they say they can’t use you. To someone who has been told they have what it takes, and their looks aren’t that bad, to get a no to a role that calls for Hot/Sexy Female types; How does one hold it together? Are we just subjected to sub categories of stereotypes that people are looking for? Perhaps it is age or experience that will get us somewhere. But how far do we have to go to find out whether we are making the right choice?
Really we have to look deep and question ourselves. Are we getting enough work to make it? Should we just look on and find something else that can make us as equally happy? Are our dreams to big to reach? We hear celebrities and read their articles about their life stories. They’ve been called names and told the could never make it to where they are now. But who has had the last laugh? They have, but how can we really get there?

Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape…

Most celebrities either make videos, sexually to get noticed these days(Ahem Kim K.) Others know people in the industry or are born into it. (Angelina Jolie, Tori Spelling, Jen. Anniston) I mean aside from trying to put ourselves out there and work hard, should we have a back up plan? Times like today, I feel plan B isn’t just for those with sex mishaps. But we need something to help tell ourselves that maybe what we want, just isn’t in the cards. So before we make that leap and say that yes this is the industry to where I’m going to go far in, take a deeper look. Am I happy with what I am doing? Am I comfortable with how hard I’m working to what I’ll be receiving. It’s the whole fruits of the labor thing. We should really just focus on ourselves and make sure we are in the right place before we lead ourself somewhere so far that we cannot move back from

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