with Sebi Tauciuc, Futurice


Sebi, have you always wanted to be a designer?

We assume that all designers have a mission-driven attitude, but it’s not the case. Some designers are more art-oriented and love to express themselves. It’s a whole scale of how people see design work and design profession.

As for me, I…

The curiosities that lie within and beyond classroom walls

This piece was originally written for and published by Non Architecture Publications, for series on Learning, in July 2019.

Learning is timeless. Once initiated, it carries on beyond the boundaries of time and space. …

A single drawing on a post-it can give birth to a comprehensive piece of writing. Are you ready to kickstart your writing with a single stroke of ink?

I believe that deep down we are all writers. As human beings, we experience the world in similar ways, and every one…

Image credit: Anastasiia Kozina / 2018

Why augmentation can tilt the scales in favour of the leading tech trend

In the not so distant past, humanity went through its first event of automation. The First Industrial revolution, which hit the UK in the 18th century, changed our economics, perception of politics, and standard of living. …

Image credit: Anastasiia Kozina / 2018

A discovery of actions towards the unexpected, summed up in 3 main ingredients

As a child, influenced by regular TV shows and the basic societal values of the time, I thought that success was defined by wealth. …

Image credit: Anastasiia Kozina / 2018

A story about risks, accomplishments, and thoughts from juggling two jobs simultaneously, one of which is a startup

It was the year that I applied to exchange in Iceland, expecting to spend a good half year in the land of my dreams, but it didn’t go as planned. Apparently I…

…and then you visited the Beyond Tellerrand conference and the world around you flipped.

Illustration credit: Yuko Shimizu, especially for BT conference.

One can’t really know what may be discovered when visiting the city of Dusseldorf. The beers, freshly baked pretzels, mate soft drinks, and the best döner you’ve ever had open the list. …

Anastasiia Kozina

Human sponge with no limits to soak in new knowledge l Makes memory care better with Memocate l Explores sustainability in design & tech via The Dot Podcast

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