The financial swedge, emotional dysregulations and dysfunctions men pass through is hellishly trivalized. A man leaves his home in the early hours of the day, most times headed to nowhere in particular but in a bid to make ends meet for himself and the mouths he has to feed back at home, other times headed to his place of work, a place that probably hoards it's own share of uneasiness, one he's got to put up with for 30 days for a few dollar bills.

And I wonder, who do men run to in their despondency?

When their psychic constancy and dependability ponderously steers into oblivion as a result of the struggles of life, who do they run to?

The pressure from dealing with the exigency of having to earn a worthy living is wholly underemphasized, especially in a society as ours where the majority is on the fast lane in a bid to make quick money. A whole lot of irregularities and abnormalcy has settled in our society so fleetly and is widely being accepted as a norm and but a few men refuse to bulge in that regard.

Those few, the one percent of the majority are constantly being put under pressure and as much as nobody owes nobody nothing simply because we're all running out different races, in our different lanes, it would only be nice to show concern and dish out some encouragement of some sort. Trust me, it is some of those exquisite gestures that keep a whole lot of men going. It is the the show of goodwill that makes the going feel easy even when it's not.

Everyone can handle pressure legitimately till it's them on that precipice, slowly plummeting to what feels like death....

The letdown, despondency, pressure, rejection, reproach and animosity men are subjected to when expectations aren't met, can drive one crazy.

And so comparing them to their counterparts despite how rigid and lucid their effort, is not nice a thing to do.

You think you're sparking them to a challenge when in reality you're slowly provoking their inferiority complex....

Appreciate a man's effort regardless of whether or not you think it's substantial.

Encouragement engages the hyperactive part of the human brain. It's a provocation to do better, to be better.

So if you expect better results from a man, encourage him.

But you knew that!!!


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