We are in a time where state actors are more interested in what we do daily. They monitor our transactions, stiffen our freedom of speech and do many things to undermine our privacy. As human beings, our privacy is our fundamental human right and there’s a need for us to fight against anything that will want to deny us this right. Many solutions has been marketed to us with promises of ensuring our privacy but most of them still leave a trace about our personality and who we are communicating with.

The abuse of our privacy goes beyond state actors intrusions, we can’t overlook what freemium digital companies like Facebook and Google always do to undermine our privacy on their platform. These companies usually gather and analyze their users data to know their behavior and interest and sell it to third-parties advertising companies without our consents. As a centralized platform, there are also a possibility of hackers to get into it and steal information that are very important to us.

There are many times that through deceitfulness or carelessness from our sides we download amazing games and applications, install them on our devices and give them access to our cameras, gallery thereby exposing our life to the public.

For us to protect our privacy, I will share what I know about Stegos privacy blockchain platform which is here to give our full privacy back to us.

Stegos as a blockchain platform has developed a privacy ecosystem on blockchain network thereby giving users of the platform complete privacy and security of their activities within the platform. The main product of the platform is an instant messaging app integrated with a wallet which can be used to communicate and transact with people globally.

Stegos which is a privacy blockchain protocol is the most efficient way in securing personal data, transactions and communications. Stegos is not like conventional email and online messaging services, it’s fully decentralized, absolutely secure and anonymous without leaving any trace in the open. There’s no way to trace who you send or receive information, or even to trace how you are relating to Stegos blockchain. The only one that can see what you sent is the receiver and there’s no way to link what you sent to your real-life identity.

Stegos team has developed an efficient way for programing languages virtual machine and API tools and those maintaining the network existence will be compensated with the coin of the platform which they will receive by dedicating a part of their smartphone memory to run node for the network.

It is important for me to indicate that the CEO of the project is Joel Reymont and he is not new to the industry. Mr Joel is equipped with 25 years experience in software development and management and he was once one of the team members of a successful blockchain project which still retain number 52 on coinmarketcap. He has left the project and all his attention now is on Stegos which has started materializing.

Payments within Stegos blockchain network are made possible through Snowball protocol. This protocol will allow each new transfer to generate a new receiver address and erase the transaction history which makes the transfer not to be traceable. Stegos is truly anonymous and when we compare it to other privacy projects like Grin, Monero, Dash, Stegos is more confidential and it brings together anonymous payment network with anonymous instant messenger that users can be using to communicate.

The desktop version of Stegos wallet is out and I have already downloaded it. The wallet is very simple to use and its interface is convenient. The testing of the beta version of the platform has already been done and the project has already built partnership with notable names in the industry.

J LAD: A Chinese fund, created in 2007. They invested in projects like NKN, Ankr, Arweave, Fantom, Newton Project.

CoinBene: Singapore-based crypto-exchange that does not yet have a solid reputation in the current market.

SFM Capital: An investment fund that took part in the Perlin offering. We were not able to open the official website though.

Hive Labs: ICO-incubator from Silicon Valley. Partnered with another interesting project: MXC.

Thomas Capital: Seems to be another Asia-based fund with only a Facebook page.

Stegos is remodeling the concept of privacy blockchain protocol by developing a platform which can be used for anonymous transactions and instant messaging. It is also a platform where developers can build all kinds of privacy-based decentralized applications (Dapps) thereby further advancing the concept of anonymous digital ecosystem built for everyday’s activities.



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