I’m playing the long term game

I don’t have to work a single day of my life to survive and have my wants and needs met.

I’m good.

Not because we’re super duper rich (coz we’re not).

But because I’m just a simple guy.

I’m not really a fancy person. I don’t need fast cars. I don’t need bling-blings.

And as a family, we’re really wise with our money. Really, really wise.

So I’m building my startup Way to Go! Event Sponsorships not as a “get rich quick” scheme and to have “quick cash” for me to buy a lambo and get the hottest chicks in town and all of that shit.

I’m building this for the long-term. I want to build the biggest, baddest building in town. I just want to keep on building the infrastructure until it becomes so huge I become a billionaire in the process.