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There are three things I do every-time I start a codebase that I know that I will be maintaining for the long haul.

  1. Order a Rubber Duckie on Amazon
  2. Familiarize myself with the latest developments in the forever ongoing UI architecture wars (e.g. Mortar and Flow, Conductor, Scoop, and the newest challenger Jetpack Compose) before ultimately giving up and just relying on multiple Activities (yup, i’m that kind of Android dev).
  3. Set up an assertion framework

Enforcing Invariants through assertions

Invariants are some of the best ways to maintain your sanity as a coder. They are essentially unit tests that are always executing since they run during the execution of the production software and will save you a lot of debug time when used correctly. …


Andre Perkins

Android Developer, Television Enthusiast, Bad Joke Connoisseur | @Muru | New York, NY

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