BEAUTIFUL LIES-for a beautiful life

Life is beautiful.No captions required to this statement.Life is beautiful in it’s own ways.Beauty starts right from our birth itself,from our first cry to uncountable loud laughs&silent smiles!But,as we grow,life starts becoming complicated and we forget to laugh or to cry!Apart from these,we start to lie….some of them must be to skip a work or not to get yelled at.But,Today,I will be sharing with you two beautiful stories and two beautiful lies which make the stories beautiful.

Catherine loves to play with her little dog,harry.She feeds him,she takes him for a walk,she bathes him and what not..she is with him all the time.One day,after she returned home from her school,she didn’t find harry.she searched all over the house for him.but,he was no where.She don’t know the truth that he is no more,got hit by a car.When the 10 year old asked her mother about harry,she told her that his mother came to their house this morning and took away harry along with her and also said that harry was very happy.

John is a kindergarten student.On his way to home,he saw a kid of his age in shabby & untidy clothes unlike him.He was drawing on the wall with a chalk.He went to the boy and gave away his notebook and pencil.After returning home,his mother asked him about his missing book & pen for which he replied smiling ‘I Lost Them’.

however,It is not true that lies are always beautiful …..but we have to accept it that


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