The Peak Season is a stressful period for real estate professionals, especially in this COVID-19 pandemic crisis that we’re all still going through. Progressively states and countries are re-opening therefore homebuyers and sellers all over the world are also slowly but surely resuming their noble quest.

According to a study, 70% of real estate professionals are concerned about the rising level of customer service needs during but also after this unprecedented pandemic. It is generally a peak season (Summer) but with COVID, it’s crucial to understand that the degree of responsiveness is even greater nowadays.

Best Practice #1:

Your inside…

In these uncertain times, agents and brokers must ensure buyers and sellers are getting enough information to make the best-informed decision. But this can be challenging when the decision is being made today without a physical property inspection.

I learned a lot throughout this COVID_19 pandemic as it pertains to the future of work for sales professionals starting by real estate agents and brokers. This crisis allowed all of us to identify the untapped opportunity that only a crisis can help emerge to the surface.

No one has an answer as to what a “new normal” post-COVID will look like…

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As we take the first steps for reopening post lockdown, a cautious approach is needed to prevent a second wave of infections everywhere. To halt the virus, real estate professionals need to monitor the health parameters as it pertains to their “new normal” workday.

The best thing that can happen now in markets that aren’t yet reopened to the public (homebuyers/sellers/renters) is to remain digital as it pertains to open houses or go digital if you haven’t done it already.

Digital today is the best alternative to in-person viewings, some brokers and agents are turning to technology, offering renters and…

Major urban areas are staring this week to de-shelter with certain restrictions as it pertains to populations. It’s the case in Paris just as it will also be the case by the end of the week in beautiful Miami and so forth. The shelter-in-place in some of the largest urban areas are being alleviated.

As real estate professionals, it’s not too early to prepare yourselves as it relates to accommodating the largest generation with the most purchasing power yet.

Real estate professionals around the globe are eager to resume their activities but also are envisioning, even trying to anticipate what…

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With COVID-19 we had to re-think how to efficiently help, agents, and brokers as it pertains to Frontdoor. We’re building a relentlessly helpful habit-forming product in which agents from North America to Southern Europe saw a value.

Nevertheless, the shelter due to Covid-19 prevented us to effectively serve you as it relates to meeting clients face-to-face for showings. Frontddor’s mission is to empower you, agents, and brokers in order to help your businesses grow.

Frontdoor is built for top real estate salesperson, who’d rather invest most of their time meeting clients, building long-lasting relationships, acquiring new listings than being at…

As an agent, a broker, if you’re still set on the previous “Millennial” generation that’s unfortunate but you’re about to miss the bullet-train that is Gen Z. As a professional, I assume that you’re bombarded today with news, infographics, and not to mention surveys with details on Millennials and how to market, sorry talk to them.

But we’re collectively forgetting something? Gen Z has popped up suddenly as the oldest Gen Zers turns 24. We saw purchasing markets rush to collect data on this new and exciting group, therefore, we didn’t want to see you lagging behind.

Home Ownership: 82%…

Millennials have been shouting but we weren’t listening: So ready or not, here comes Gen Z-ers and the key to their heart is Personalization. They want you to really pay attention, know who they’re, what they’re looking for… down to the details: they expect you to master the etiquette of customer engagement.

You can’t longer afford to undervalue Gen Z.

Here’s the good news mavericks, call them what you will…agents and brokers are at least courageous enough to look at the industry in a whole new way.

They no longer see leads but people, they deliver outcomes, not tactics, they…

Realtors and lenders everywhere, it’s never too early to prepare yourselves as it relates to accommodating the largest generation with the most purchasing power yet. The Zers, includes 72 million people, is unlike any other group.

Gen Z is the newest and not to mention different homebuyer on the block, but they are foreseen to redefine the residential real estate market for a decade to come. The majority of Zers are too young to affect the housing market today, but with 82% believing that homeownership is the American Dream, their purchasing powers is one to be reckoned with.

Zers are…

As each new generation enters the market, you as a real estate professional must prepare yourself for the shift from working with Millennials to Gen Z.

90% of Gen Z-ers plan to purchase a home online. And because Zers live in an instant-gratification world, this certainly impacts how they shop for and buy a house from you as their potential real estate agent.

As a real estate agent, you must position yourself to take all the advantages of potential homebuyers by staying up-to-date with social media, clarifying your value proposition to appeal to this generation’s needs and desires and learn…

Gen Z now makes up 26% of the population and they were born from ~1996 to 2015. As opposed to Millennials' Gen Z is pragmatist, hard-working, and mindful of the future.

Gen Z is the first truly digital generation, they grew up with iPhone but they are more optimistic rather than the “innocence lost” mentality of Millennials.

For as long as I can remember, the one thing we heard about millennials was that they would rather rent than actually buy their own home because they didn’t want to be tied down by a mortgage.

Nevertheless, millennials officially entered the housing…

Alain Kapatashungu

Faithful Steward. Co-founding CEO @Frontdoor

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