You’re confusing the understandable REACTION to the epidemic of identity politics with identity…
Traditional Tradesman

Finally, the so-called “identity politics” of POC is a direct response to the “identity politics” that white people played for several hundred years. You can’t step on someones neck and expect them not to react. And you can’t simply beat someone up and then not expect to pay them some restitution. Simply taking the boot off their neck is not enough. You have to help them heal. The latter is something white Americans have actively resisted. They need political correctness but don’t want it because they really don’t want equality between the races. You know white privilege exists but don’t want to talk about it. And why would you? If you know the system is rigged in your favor why would you bring that to light? But to call POC racists for calling out racism is like accusing the whistleblower of orchestrating the whole scam.