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Sometimes during the spare time does this question strikes your mind ‘who are we? ‘
 And suddenly our mind says ,we ,the people are students solving the never ending question paper called LIFE ,chasing different goals and always searching for something better than what we have. We all are living in the world, leading hectic life, running continuously to achieve higher and all these somewhere ends to the luxury for what we have dreamt for. But the luxury we gained is worthy of the time we spent to earn it. No, never, basically the ultimate aim of being successful is the luxury of giving yourself the time to do what you want to do. So take a break and spare sometime to yourself , plan a vacation to cherish the real beauty spreaded all around the world.

We all wish to visit a place which should be a perfect combination of vast cultural diversity, different shades of nature, rich in historical legacy and top of it have a Morden luxurious life style full of adventure.
 TURKEY, a dazzling destination that straddles Euracia that is Europe’s and Asia’s cultural diversities. It’s vibrant culture, famous food wow all who venture here while it’s glorious landscapes from sunsoaked Mediterranean to mighty mountain that keeps your mouth wide open. It is a place which keeps you speechless while traveling and turns you out as a storyteller .
 Besides all these Turkey has given a new Definition to luxury bymean’s of the lavishing hotel range situated near coastlines especially along the Mediterranean coast near Antalya.
 Antalya is also accepted as tourism capital of Turkey. Kids love the beach park which features aqualand and dolphin Land. Antalya’s district Muratpasa has a coastline of 20 Km of Mediterranean sea in the south.
 One such 5 star hotel range established in Antalya is Akra hotels and resort which is based on urban social concept offer most exclusive services, fascinating sea view or the Taurus Mountains sight view from it’s balcony. It also offers posh rooms upscale dinning and bar, tennis court, outdoor pools. The contemporary style rooms are provided with free Wi-Fi satellite channel facility .Akra Hotel is jeweled with Pableto Bistros which serves selective dishes from Turkey and international cuisines. Organic food and vast variety of snacks are enough to indulge yourself and when all these served in the Asmani restaurant on the 10th floor of the hotel makes you feel like a king. Hotel is also equipped with wellness center including sauna, Turkish bath, massage center and Akrafit gym.

We know what it means to come from a long and tiring trip so it is duty of Akra Hotel staff to provide an intimate and charming atmosphere ,high quality comfort and traditional Turkish hospitality which Will definitely leaves you spellbound.
 Akra hotels is established in the centre which provides the ease to reach all the tourist spot and airport.
 All these features of hotel guarantees guest a pleasent stay either it is business related or for pleasure.