Why Is Syria Hell on Earth? Here’s The Ugly but True Answer…
Zaron Burnett III

Thanks for the well-put article.
 I’m Syrian, and I have always been asked the same question “Why Syria is a living hell?”. And I always response, if you really want to try to understand the Syrian situation you need to go back a 100 years back in time. (maybe much more if you want to understand the origin of Alawites their fucked up history). The first time in 7 years I find such an article that illustrate historic fact of the region. Allow me to humbly say that I “approve” it, still I don’t agree with minor parts of it. I wonder where did you get such a big picture from?

a small note for the readers: If you think after reading this article, that it’s a complicated messed up situation, let me tell you this is a very simplified and briefed version.

Zaron Burnett III Thanks again.

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