Perhaps you could answer this question as you’re Syrian.
Blair Gilmore

Yes, I’m Syrian. But still I can’t speak in the name of half of Syrian population.
This is a very presumptive question and it depends on many other things like: is it the kind of peace under a rule of another dictator? is it with tutelage of big cooperation who will invest in the country and enslave the Syrians for decades?

But anyway let’s me give an answer from my observations: 
- I would say 90% of Syrians who fled to one of the neighboring countries (Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq) will go back. Even after 7 years they couldn’t get to the level of a decent life. Most of them would prefer to live in the ruins of their home rather than staying there. that also applies for the ones who are not in the camps.

-Big number of the Syrians who made it to Europe will also consider going back. many of them couldn’t adapt there, and many others have the goal and the will to be part of the reconstruction, They feel responsible for fleeing and they see their part in “after the storm” phase (if that ever comes).

-A decent number of Syrian will have already rooted themselves in their new place of residence, they are Studying, working, maybe have started a business or even got married and started a family. those ones who will find it difficult to go back. especially if it has been more than 6–8 years for them out of the country.