Customer feedback and product insights come in from all angles, and that info is critical to the success of your product. Sometimes it is sales getting questions during demos, customer success finding to the root of a user need on a support call, or marketing pulling insights from ad experiments. But does that info ever make it to the Product team?

As a product team, you need those insights to wind up connected to your features, but you don’t want to give the whole company access to edit the roadmap or product specs. …

Today we are launching our newest tier, GLIDR Business, designed for mid-sized businesses looking to manage multiple products with increased admin control. GLIDR Business lets you work on up to 8 projects, bringing your product discovery to the center of your full product portfolio.

8 Projects

As companies grow and evolve, many product teams become structured around individual products in a portfolio or large and complex features within the same product. …

We just launched πŸš€a suped-up new version of GLIDR Team, which is full of new (and recent) features to make your life easier! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ†πŸŽ‰

The goal of these new features is to help product managers and teams bring their product knowledge into one place, share info, context, and status with others, and connect workflows from roadmap to implementation. Here are a few highlights πŸ”¦of new features you will find in GLIDR Team:

Dev Tool Integrations

Jira integration allows you to seamlessly move product ideas from roadmap to delivery, and provide clear context on what to build to your engineering team. It also helps…

Andrew Krimstock

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