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Initial Delphi governance launch, development progress & updates, roadmap, community and so on — read the update in full to stay up to date with all things Delphi! Also, do check out the previous update — it was an important one.

1-Minute Summary

  • [done] Governance launch on is live;
  • [done] APY issues fixed, checks and balances being developed;
  • [done] Updated roadmap with dependencies. Check it out here;
  • [done] Insurance enabled: Delphi contracts added to NexusMutual — you can now insure Delphi smart contract risk.
  • [done] AKRO/ADEL value accrual model, currently under review. Separate update to follow
  • [in progress] Nexus Mutual shield mining to increase insurance cover for…

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A re-cap:

  • The Delphi idea was born in June 2020 (~3 months ago), when we were invited to the IDEO Product Validation Day. In less than a week we prepared the first prototype — a pool aggregator with a unique dollar-cost averaging feature.
  • Since Delphi’s initial inception, we got a lot of positive feedback — so we decided to give Delphi a “go” and continue building it out.
  • We have expanded functionality as per community feedback to include the ability to yield farm,dollar-cost averaging (DCA) into liquidity pools instead of individual assets, allocating to pools in one click, etc.
  • Due to the positive reaction and highly engaged early community, we decided to give away the product to the community and let the users have an active say in its development, fees, integrations, feature requests. …

Dear Akropolis community,

Today we have been conducting scheduled contracts & UI/UX upgrades, including:

  • Setting up & upgrading contracts to include AKRO & ADEL rewards;
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  • Setting up & adding Curve renBTC pool to mainnet;
  • Adding RenVM widget to UI for native BTC deposits/withdrawals;
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  • Bug fixes connected to withdrawals from Curve pools.

This was a complex update which included different pool contracts both in Save & Stake sections, as well as frontend update. To minimise risks and in line with best practice, we put Delphi into maintenance mode to remove any interactions with the protocol.

Our first community call is this Sunday — we posted a vote in Discord for the exact time. …

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Happy Wednesday all!

Another week has passed — and what a week it was! $ADEL total supply is now two times less — we posted an announcement about it earlier this week, and here is the proof of burn transaction.

Week 2 retrospective:

  • We successfully filled the $20mn TVL cap on TVL. That was the second TVL cap increase in our guarded launch approach;
  • Opened Curve bUSD & sUSD & Y pools to the public after testing. Status: audited by Certik, pending another audit.
  • Started testing new pools — Aave bUSD & Aave sUSD pools. Status: unaudited.
  • ADEL staking pool went live as well as LM incentives for ADEL pools on…

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High-level summary:

  • Burn 50% of ADEL supply — this won’t affect distributions to date
  • Current LM epoch: extended to Wednesday, September 9
  • Ability to claim rewards from UI: coming on Wednesday for next epochs
  • Individual caps removed for AKRO & ADEL staking
  • More LM updates and cap reviews coming soon

We distributed ADEL and the market has spoken. As of today, the total diluted value of $ADEL sits at a staggering ~$150M valuation with a token value of ~$2.40.

Recent events in the DeFi space have highlighted that a community governance token is only as strong as the community members and their willingness to support the project by holding the token. …

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Hi all!

New development update for Delphi is here — as well as some news about $ADEL.

Development update

  • We added a Settings page to Delphi based on the community requests — now you can turn infinite unlock on and off when you like, on one page. Please note that infinite unlock itself is a transaction for which you pay gas fees — no point in playing with it just for fun. If you wish to read more about infinite unlock functionality — we have a page on our wiki for that :)
  • We added WalletLink support! We started to work on this as soon as the first request came in — and now Coinbase Wallet users can connect to Delphi without shifting wallets :) Cheers! …

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Hi all!

What a week it has been! In the flurry of hundreds of new DeFi tokens, forks, genuine mind-boggling innovation and unquestionable scams, we have successfully launched our Delphi and the fair launch was both smooth and quick.

Week 1 retrospective:

  • We were surprised and humbled to have maxed out the $5.0mn initial cap to our loyal community in <90mins, with congratulations from Electric Capital, IDEO Colab and a bunch of other great folks!
  • We were determined to have a fair distribution, with nobody having any special privileges. …

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What’s been done so far?

  • $50,000-cap Closed Beta Launch maxed out in 48 hours, a little longer due to uncompensated all-time-high gas costs (ca.500gwei) with an average limit of $500/user.
  • 100x+ oversubscribed whitelist using provably randomised lottery.
  • 100+ unique depositors.

1-Minute Summary

  • Delphi Open Beta is now live with a $5,000,000 cap. Right now our dev team is working on all things security: enhancing the code, running tests, working on upcoming product integrations & communication with audit teams.
  • All LM rewards and terms are subject to change and will be reviewed off-chain on a weekly basis until we move to an automated reward and distribution algo. …

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Delphic on guard against hackers.

Security is not to be taken lightly. We completed two security audits on Sparta, and Delphi audit is ongoing (shoutout to Certik!). But even 100 audits can’t guarantee that there are no vulnerabilities or bugs — some things remain undiscovered until a hacker finds an exploit. With this in mind, we are announcing the Akropolis Bug Bounty program and welcoming white-hats & developers to check our codebase.

The Scope

The scope of this Bug Bounty program is to identify bugs and vulnerabilities not found during previous or ongoing audits. It covers all core smart contracts deployed on mainnet:

Sparta —

Delphi —…

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Hey Akropolitans (is this a thing or we should vote for the name? 👀 )

Delphi started functioning on Rinkeby testnet around a week ago, on August 3rd. After working literally 24/7, we’re now ready for the next big step — capped pre audited launch on mainnet.

What is Delphi Beta?

Delphi Beta is an early pre audited version of Delphi on Ethereum mainnet available to the whitelisted user only. You could have earned your spot by being early supporter, Sparta user, Delphi tester or by participating in the lottery we held! More on it here.

Why capped launch?

We stood in front of the dilemma — we care a lot about security, but we also want people to try Delphi on mainnet. Following the Guarded Launch idea proposed by Ken Deeter from Electric Capital, we decided to enforce a $50,000 cap on TVL (Total Value locked) and add whitelist to reduce security risks & attack vectors, as well as minimise possible losses. While people see the hype around DeFi, they might forget about risks that come with it. …



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