Benevolence of P Mohamed Ali

Every business man around the world has their own share of giving it back to the society through helping any social causes thus creating a goodwill for their company in the market, but what if a businessmen decides to take on the social cause without giving any credit to himself or his business? The way P Mohamed Ali has undertaken social causes in Oman and India makes me wonder how kind-hearted, he is.

As many know that P Mohamed Ali was born in India but he started with his career in Oman and he resides in Oman since decades now. After struggling and developing Galfar as one of the best construction company in Oman, P Mohamed Ali knew that he wanted to give back to the society who has helped in achieve big. He always wanted to do something for the development of the people and the society as a whole. P Mohamed Ali also understood the importance of education and its impact of a person’s life. P Mohamed Ali founded the first ever Indian school in Al-Ghubra with many amenities like a playground, library, auditoriums, etc. Later he founded dental and medicinal educational institutions like Oman medical college and Oman dental college. These institutes are the pioneers in their respective sector. He is also the founder of Caledonian College of Engineering along with Sheikh Salim Said al Fannah al Haremi and Mohammed Rashid al Fannah al Haremi. They have institutions both in Oman and India which are affiliated by Glasgow Caledonian University, thus bringing in an international exposure. He has a dream of achieving 100% literacy in Oman, which is not a far way dream as the current literacy rate being 80%

Having founded institutions in Oman he has not remained far behind in developing India. He founded CSM Central School, Caledonian College of Engineering in India. He is a trustee at Yenopoya University & Islamic Academy of Education. He is also the Chairman of the Social Advancement Foundation of India (SAFI). Talikulam Vikas Trust and PM Foundation are some of his other institutions. P M Foundation provides financial assistance to economically backward students and Talikulam Vikas Trust too does complete justice to its slogan “Employment for all, house for all, education for all, health for all & social security for all”. This demonstrates how much love and care P Mohamed Ali has for his homeland. At least one person from every family of Talikulam village is employed He has helped in building more than 300 houses for poor people, facilities of pension scheme for old age people.

His social causes haven’t gone unnoticed and P Mohamed Ali has been honored by both the Government of India and Sultanate of Oman for helping their respective societies. P Mohamed Ali has redefined the meaning of what does it mean to give it back to the society. He is a true benevolent!

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