Dentzz- Dental Anxiety and Its Solutions

In simple terms dental anxiety is the feeling of being nervous or scared of visiting your dentist. Patients experience dental anxiety at various degrees of severity. From slight uneasiness to high degree of phobia. In such cases common fears consists of needle phobia, the clinic atmosphere, dental pain, and many more. But, in such situations dentists are used to handle nervous patients with variety of solutions whenever patient visits them. There are many distractions like the technique of dental wand for injecting local anaesthesia, similarly there are some advance techniques introduced like hypnotherapy and GP.

Speaking about Dental Wand, in this procedure unlike other traditional needle anaesthesia the dentist inserts a fluid on the gums which doesn’t cause much irritation and pain. Whereas in Hypnotherapy, it is basically done by expert dentist where, they study and analyse the behaviour of the patient and through counselling and explaining the dental procedure they try to ease down their dental anxiety.

Dental Anxiety or Dental Phobia could be through various reasons like:

· Fear regarding particular dental treatment like root canal, tooth extraction, fillings and many more

· Some bad previous experience at the dentist.

· Ashamed about your bad state of oral health

· Fear of needles

· Peculiar smell of the clinic or the overall ambiance.

· Highly priced treatments

But nowadays, whatsoever the reason be of your discomfort, dental clinics offer variety of steps to overcome your anxiety. Neglecting your regular check-ups because of your dental anxiety may lead to serious dental problems in future. It has been observed that many people who have dental phobia pass it on the same to their kids.

To overcome your dental phobia, you can do following steps:

· Speak with your dentist

Don’t feel ashamed to speak to your dentist about your dental anxiety. It is always suggested and is the best technique to fight your anxiety by talking to your dentist before your examination to understand the complete procedure involved during the time of your treatment. Feel free to ask as many questions, doubts you need to understand in terms of your treatment. This will definitely help to ease out your dental phobia.

· Distraction Technique

Majorly it is our mind which leads to develop dental phobia. Therefore, it is essential to ease down the thoughts, and in such cases dentists suggest to listen some music or watch a DVD so that the mind gets diverted. Therefore next time on your visit ask about these facilities beforehand to avoid your dental anxiety.

· Get Your Friend

If you are too scared then it is always recommended to bring in your friend or relative during the time of your treatment. This will not only boost your confidence but you won’t feel alone during your treatment. Such techniques also helps in fighting your dental anxiety.

Nowadays there are dental clinics like Dentzz Dental which aims to provide absolute painless treatment. The dentist over here makes sure to ease down your dental anxiety by explaining you the entire procedure step-by-step involved in your treatment, so that, you know what are the exact things going to happen. Not only the patients from India, but patients from Canada, UK, USA, have spoken in their Dentzz review about, how painless and comfortable their experiences have been to this clinic. They have also spoken about the advance dental services offered here at affordable prices and the satisfactory results.