Latest Buzz: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visit to UAE.

UAE welcomed a new guest, a VIP person from a land which forms a majority of the immigrants and expats in Emirates. No prices for the guess as the answer is known to all, it’s India. The Indian PM Narendra Modi visited UAE on his two day trip to develop bilateral ties with each other. This moment received a high public attention from both the nations as it is after 34 years an Indian PM visited UAE. PM Narendra Modi was welcomed by Dubai’s Ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum which itself stands as a rare welcoming gesture.

PM Modi first visited the iconic Sheikh Zayed mosque in Abu Dhabi.

The next stop was for his diaspora, a residential camp that is home to some 28,000 Indians workers. Visit was made at their accommodation area and he interacted with around 300 workers.

The Final stop of his visit was the Dubai Cricket Stadium, where he addressed around 50,000 Indians. The meet turned out to be an overwhelming event, where people were also standing outside the stadium to listen to PM’s speech in the screens.

All this things were widely covered by Media and also in Social Media but along with this, it also developed some negative reactions by Pakistani folks commenting negatively about this event in the online world. Nonetheless, such big events do invites some flak to it by few people, which is not of much concern.

The tour was of high importance, UAE is the third largest trading partner of India apart from China and America and for UAE India is the second largest trading partner. In addition to this more than 2.5 million Indians resides in UAE. This proves how deep their ties with one and other are. Indians who have had played a major role in UAE’s development is a fact which is known worldwide. Many Indians like Micky Jagtiani, Sunny Varkey, P Mohamed Ali, Tony Jashanmal etc. are the people who are the richest in UAE and also been there since 4–5 decades now. Thus, playing a pivotal role in India and UAE ties. Especially P Mohamed ali as he has been active in India and as well as in UAE. Both countries government has recognised his efforts and awarded him with their highest honours. The best being Pravasi Bharatiya Samman (Non Resident Indian honour) and Oman civil order which is the highest civilian order. Such People make the relationship between two countries more beautiful, sustainable and creates a path for others to follow.

This meeting proved to be very successful as many great decisions were made:

1: U.A.E promised to invest $75 billion in India.

2: UAE government agreed to allot land for a Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi.

3: Increased defence cooperation through regular exercises and training

4: Manufacturing defense equipment in India.

5: Increase cooperation in counter-terrorism operations and intelligence sharing.

6: Inaugurate an e-migrant portal called ‘MADAD’ to assist the diaspora.

6: UAE will support India in their bid for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council

7: UAE will help develop strategic petroleum reserves in addition to its upstream and downstream petroleum sectors of India.

8: Last but the best, Indian expats in trouble can now get financial help, including for fighting legal cases, under a new scheme announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as part of various measures for the welfare of diaspora.