Reading for Fun?!? — why does it Matter (If indeed it Matters At All)?
My name is Alissa, I’m a senior in high school but I don’t take any high school courses. I go to the University of Akron, where I’m taking my freshman year courses. When I was younger I lived my life through books. I read everything from twilight to titanic, I’d finish whole books in a day. I would read between classes, during free time and from the minute I got home till it was time to go to bed. I read, all day, every day. Once I even woke up at 3am on Christmas day to read by the light of the Christmas tree, I finished my Nicholas Sparks book around 7am when everyone was just waking up to open presents. 
When I got in to high school however, that all changed, I stopped reading as if I had never began. To this day, I cannot pick up a book and keep a steady focus on reading. Even if it’s a book I like, I’ll read one chapter, think it’s really good and wanna keep reading. But I struggle with picking that book back up and finding a desire to continue reading.
If anyone says reading doesn’t matter they are most likely an undereducated fool that has never experienced the true joy of reading. Every person has a different frame of reference which determines how they respond to reading and the effects of it. However, the underlying importance is the same, reading strengthens the mind. Children and adults who read are better writers, they know how to convey feelings through words on paper. This is because they have read many great examples in the books they have read throughout their life. Humans are better at conveying feelings and inquire a better usage of vocabulary when actively reading.
Reading sculpts the mind, carving out important traits learned though decoding the works of others. An obvious benefit of reading is it makes you a better faster reader. The more you read, the more you are able to comprehend and at a faster rate than many “non-readers”. Reading keeps your mind focused, and helps you focus longer during other activities as well. Reading does many things for the mind, it helps in writing, reading, and overall learning.
Anyone who intends to make a professional career for themselves or even just trying to make it through college should strongly consider taking up reading; to improve your skills, extend vocabulary and lengthen attention span.