The Time of Alternative Money*

Image from Ben Bernanke blog post (emphasis added), Brookings Institute, Jan 4 2020. Because the state monetary policy is actually out of tools, he must readjust the definition of what “normal” means in monetary policy (hence our choice of rainbow colors). We think it is the time of alternative money.

Transcending Hayek and his digital disciples

ECSA team working at Lohja Garage, August 2018 (photo Akseli Virtanen)

Preface: What is the value of a language?

A Language for New Economic Expression

ECSA cryptoeconomics team at work, Santa Cruz Sessions II, April 2019 (photo Akseli Virtanen)

1. Gravity: Distributed Runtime

Gravity Protocol: Informational Integrity

Bringing fundamental value to economy through cryptotokens

  1. The current valuation of a token business
  2. Projections of the future positions of that business
  3. The level of ‘speculation’ on crypto assets and financial assets generally

Reframing stability in the crypto economy

The goal of stability

Why is the time of crypto economy now?

Akseli Virtanen

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