Colourful Happiness

So there was this one time when I had planned for a dessert outing with my group of mates. Took my pals straight into 80 deg East . When I was down with my own dessert theories , their well-known chef Prasath wanted me to try their Rainbow Cassata.

My eyes immediately widened and I just couldn’t help but smile after one bite of their cassata delight! It was so dang good! Darn them I must warn you , it is an unique kind of dangerous addiction. You might think I’m describing it to an exceedingly greater extent but trust me when I finish telling you how much my taste buds completely devoted themselves to this particular ice-cream, you will join in as my counter-part for the same. Where do I start with ? Oh yes! The multi flavored ice-cream was a combination of Strawberry,Black-currant and Mango scoops supported by a base filled with chocolate brownie cake. The crumbled hazel nuts and cashew nuts not just added richness to the dessert but also took my personal fondness towards the dish to the next level. Authentic fruit flavors of the fruits can be felt in every bite, making you crave for it more. I believe you really can’t knock it til you try it eh!? For those visiting Nanganallur, be sure to stop at 80 Degrees East, 20/10, 3rd Main Road, 37th Extension, Thillai Ganga Nagar, Nanganallur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600061.