Is it possible to have a crush on a dessert?

Summers at Chennai can be battled by only heart beat escalating flavors of chilled ice-creams. What if you could dive into swirls of chocolate fudge brownies with Vanilla flavour melted over it ? Authentic brownies that are real, gooey, perfect blended into perfect vanilla ice-cream. 80 Degrees East offered one such dish to me when my sweet tooth swamped me right into their cafe.

The sauce over the brownie is the first thing that will hit you straight when you take a bite of it. The nuts that are baked with the brownie will come into action as more layers get hogged. Just when you think you are done tasting the flavors of the dish, the added vanilla ice-cream which complements the hot brownie will take you to paradise. In this context I would like to call a place Paradise , if you give away your heart to the dish and surrender to its taste pleasure for eternity. I can’t resist and treat myself a spoonful of brownie core. It’s their regular fugde core but it isn’t. It’s not straight brownie chunks either. It’s more of a hybrid between the two supporting desserts , i.e Vanilla ice-cream and regular chocolate brownie.

We are and aren’t breaking new ground here. In one sense, we’ve got the nice vanilla base. And in another we’ve got the chocolate syrup and brownies.The core adds a bit of uniqueness to it all without going insane. In a way it is simplistic and delicious.

Dessert addicts, this is the time to rejoice.