Prostate Cancer Surgery — An Option for Getting Rid Of Cancer Of The Prostate

Prostate cancer occurs only in men in their prostate gland-which is their reproductive organ. Generally, older men aged 60 years & above are at risk of getting this cancer. However, in majority cases almost all men over 80 years have prostate cancer. This cancer has the tendency to grow very slow over the years and doesn’t cause any problem to the patient throughout his life. It is only after his death that one comes to know he had prostate cancer through biopsy reports. But when the cancerous cells grow rapidly then it’s the matter of concern as it begins to show symptoms and causes problems in the normal life of a person.

People having family history of prostate cancer, black men and aged men are the ones who are at higher risk of getting this disease. One may face several symptoms in this disease like:

· Frequent urination

· Weak flow of urine

· Urinating for longer durations than normal

· After urinating, one feels his bladder is not empty fully

· Urgency to urinate and leakage occurring before reaching the loo

· Pain and bleeding while passing urine

· Pain while ejaculating

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should immediately consult your doctor. After doing few tests, he will tell you whether these symptoms are of prostate cancer or not. Depending on your cancer stage and health conditions, he will suggest the treatment. When the cancer is in its initial stage, then your surgeon will go for prostate cancer surgery India to treat your problem. In severe cases, radiation therapy or hormonal therapy is recommended. RGCIRC is an ideal place to get prostate cancer surgery India done in the best possible manner. Here, the patient can expect to get optimum results which can greatly improve his quality of life.