Skill Development Initiatives for Unskilled Youth in India

Skill development initiative India is a program specifically launched with the aim of training around 40 crore people in various vocational areas. The aim is to accomplish the transformations by the end of year 2022. Government has played a crucial role in the entire program’s phenomenon. Different initiates have been launched by the government in order to improve the talents and skills of youth population of India. Many programs, new schemes and some other significant efforts are provided by the government officials on regular basis.

Every year a large number of students get graduated from India but the shocking aspect is only a minor part of this ratio gets employed. Somewhere the reason could be lack of knowledge and skills. Only a small part of this population has gone through skills development training. Every day a considerable effort is being made in the terms of literacy still high percentage of illiteracy could be easily observed among the workforce of India. Earlier skill development initiative India was a small scale initiative but with the passage of time more people are getting involved into it and thus it is speeding up the betterment. But according to the stats records are not that satisfying as they should be. It could become a nightmare if proper skills are not provided by India to current and new workforces. The need of capacity and capability is a matter of concern to both the upcoming and existing workforce. As the World Health organization also states that the stats could be taken as an alarm and if not taken seriously the country could squander the opportunity.

Young population must have employable skills to give a strong competition in the market throughout the world. Today in IT firms of India, most of the employees remain frustrated and the only reason is the delay in work and inability to solve issues of clients as the workforce is not that skilled. It is a great opportunity for country to meet up future demands in all sectors of the entire world.

Also people see India as a hub for skilled workforce because now government and other programmes are contributing to a great extent to change the entire situation. Global standard are followed by the programs so that not only domestic level demands are fulfilled but also international demands get fulfilled. A series of skill training centres have been established by very much known DLF Foundation in order to train around 1 million youth.