Does India need new law for controlling hate speech on social media

The internet has touched majority of population during this decade 2007-2017.Though internet & social media was introduced much earlier in India still it got its most of the growth in terms of user base in last few years.With Androids becoming more popular a large portion of India is connected through social media & this is going to keep on increasing untill saturated.

Today social media has become the medium to exchange thoughts ,ideas , theories ,news & large amount of data & information.A person from any corner of the country can spread whatever information he likes to. Today things go viral faster than forest fire. It’s a huge platform that can be used for all kinds of purposes.

Recently there has been a trend of hate speech on social media . A state of insecurity & communal tensions is being created within the society by propagating various radical issues on social media. As a majority of users are the simple Indian population who can be easily captured in this matrix by using one way or another. Most common trick is to pinch the religious sentiments of different communities. A layman who reads/watches any such material is easily convinced by these selfish propagators & then he keeps going with the flow , adding another ones in the chains & thus leading to harmful results both for individual as well as society.

India has a long history of convergence & diversity . People of different communities & ethnic groups migrated to India,bringing with them their customs & ideologies . India just kept on adding,everything they brought, into its diversity. People of different communities lived here together peacefully for centuries, complementing each other. This order was disturbed when the Europeans brought with them modern politics & the idea of *Divide & rule*.It is no secret how colonial government promoted the radical elements to create the divide in the society. Muslim league was formed with British support to weaken the National independence movement , which finally lead to partisan of India in 1947.
Unity in diversity is the fundamental feature of Indian society since long times. India is not mere a piece of land but its a thought ,a legacy , an evolution. Its ability to adopt everyone & everything that comes to it & adding an Indian flavor to that is unique in the world. This diversity is the identity of India.This is the legacy of India .That’s what makes us Indians,the most tolerent society ever .

Indian Constitution prohibits any kind of act to provoke tensions among various communities. There are many laws handling different kinds of hate speech in the country . But the issue of hate speech on social media is new & there are no efficient laws to tame these anti-social sharqs spreading hatered within society . Such acts are direct attack on the basic identity of our society.These are attack on our nation itself .There is an urgent need for appropriate legislation for controlling such elements to avoid the social divide in long run & the communal riots in short run .

We must not get moved easily by anything we see on social media without analysing on the basis of logic & rational thinking.Start avoiding such articles , videos ,news ,links etc. Make your opinion yourself on the basis of what you observe in your surrounding & not on the basis of what you read on social media. Unite this Country , don’t divide. If still you feel that any specific community or group is danger to this society then you have all the ability to change them because you are born in India ,a Nation that made everyone & everything that came to it, Indian.

In the love of nation.

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