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With 4 years of undergraduate study, 3 years of law school, the need to pass a bar exam to become accredited, and years of deep case study and argumentation development, the process of becoming a lawyer is extremely strenuous and takes decades to perfect one’s craft. But what if aspiring lawyers were told that some of their prospective jobs could possibly be automated? Artificial intelligence has made its way into the legal field—in the form of what’s known as Lawyer Bots.

What exactly is a Lawyer Bot? The simple definition is a software that carries out automated tasks usually done…

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In 2014, 18-year-old Brisha Borden and a friend made an impulse decision to take an unattended scooter and bike, which they immediately returned after the owner of said items showed up. Nevertheless, the girls were charged for burglary and petty theft for the items they stole, worth $80. In the previous year, 41-year-old Vernon Prater, with previous charges of armed robbery and a 5 year sentence in prison, was arrested for shoplifting a Home Depot with goods worth $86.35, similar to Borden.

However, when in jail, Borden, being black, was assigned the label “high risk” for future convictions, and Parker…

In January 2020, Robert Williams, a resident of Farmington Hills, Michigan, was returning home after a seemingly normal day at work, when he received a call from his wife that a police officer had called to request him to turn himself in. Confused, Williams arrived at his home, only to be taken under arrest by the Detroit P.D. and taken to the Detroit Detention Center. Despite knowing he did not commit “felony larceny”, as the officers had claimed, Williams contained his anger in fear of police retaliation due to his appearance as a black man. …

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