5 quick fixes for your annoyed website visitor

There’s nothing more satisfying than getting positive feedback or appreciation from your customers. The ultimate goal of every business is to deliver customer happiness. Unfortunately, it is becoming harder and harder to get a positive response from your website visitor. And, the common confession that we often hear from many SMBs is that visitors keep on dwindling from their website.

Now, we are letting the secret out in the open. Visitors leave your website, because the way you engage with them may not be relevant enough and they disappear from your website. There is a lot of truth in the oft-quoted phrase, coined by Damon Richards, “Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Most businesses use live chat software to keep their website visitors engaged but end up sending random messages that are without any context or pushing forms that are uninspiring and painstaking for a visitor to fill-up.

There are multitude of tools out there in the market and we realized that using just about any tool may not suffice for the needs of your business. These tools often fail to help you hold a conversation with your website visitor. Here are some quick-fixes to treat this annoyance:

Be easily accessible: Your visitors will like you if you are accessible but they would love the fact that you are easily accessible, which is just a ping away! When your visitors are confused for numerous reasons, and look out for help, be available, be empathetic, say ‘hello’. Because, visitors prefer conversations and not forms.

Personalize your visitor experience: Visitor experience is enriched when conversations are personal. They deserve your interest. Converse with your visitors, seek information and offer a prompt response. Your visitors need not be ‘visitors’ forever, talk to them and make them your privileged customers.

Be contextual: When conversing with your visitor, have some data upfront. Know where your visitors are coming from, what they are looking at and how they’ve landed on your website to have a conversation with you. These nuggets of information help you treat your visitor in a better way. Give your visitor some idea about how long would it take for you to respond to their message. Let them know that you understand and care for them.

Be proactive: Contextual information is the basis of proactive engagement. While only a fraction of your website visitors get in touch for queries, it is great if you could offer help before they wander away. This offers better chances of making a sale or converting a visitor into a prospective customer.

Follow-up on unanswered messages: When your team is busy or offline, messages go unanswered. Skimming through your offline messages is a must to enhance your relationship with your website visitor. The best way to close a conversation is to check whether the visitor is online and send a message or if offline, email to follow-up with them.

To maximize the probability of your conversations to resonate as sales, it is essential to have a smart tool which helps you be more receptive to your visitors. Here’s Freshchat, which is interesting, easy and interactive. I’m making this statement because our sales team has tried and tested Freshchat on our website. We saw a 2x increase in conversions and sales!

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