How An Advanced Mobile App Performance Can Enhance User Experience

Have you ever thought that what is the biggest variable for being any mobile app successful? The answer you will get is “Performance”. Here you will know how to hit your app into the right frame so after the mobile app development process the app performance issue don’t affect your downloads, revenue, and branding. Let me share my horror story with a poor mobile app performance.

A Horror Story of Poor Mobile App Performance

I do remember one of the bad experience I deal with due to poor mobile application performance,

it took place when I was traveling to Europe in summer with my friends and iPhone along with me. During whole summer I have to count on various mobile apps for moving one place to another place. So, basically, it was necessary that all that apps work appropriately at that time.

Everything was going smoothly as far as this one incident occur while I had to book a flight for us to go to Italy from Vienna. I found a flight, and after few minutes (a truly long time because of the gradualness of the application), I completed the process of experiencing the means of acquiring tickets. I submit, hoping to see an affirmation page that guaranteed me all had run well with the exchange. Probably not. The following page never stacked! Subsequent to tapping the same submit button again and again without any result, I entered a terrified state as I pondered what this implied for me. It was not a good experience for me. I immediately stopped using that app and lost trust in that company.

This simply indicated that only one bad experience of a customer with your app can affect negatively on that company’s app. It is essential for apps to work better to maintain consumer’s positive opinion for a brand. A mobile app user survey says that 70% of app users will only use a problematic app three times.

What Is Mobile App Performance?

Mobile app developers should always keep in mind that today mobile not only includes the smartphone, but tablets, smartwatches, and other smart devices too on the market. Mobile app performance is one of the important predictors of all quality apps that has to deal with its behavior while using different load sizes in many other positions. For example, is the app loading slowly or crash each time in high user activity?

App performance is a product of various aspects which includes the server, mobile device, network, and the programming of that app. Sadly it’s possible that users might have a bad experience with your mobile app performance with the problem which has nothing to do with your app. In research, 50% of users have blamed apps for their performance problem and many others have admitted that they didn’t even know what the were the issues in apps.

Why Mobile App Performance is Essential

In the same research, nearly 80% users said that performance is a very big aspect. This same study had also released that users care more about the app performance than its price.

What’s the target for mobile app performance?

Many surveys and studies have revealed that only five seconds or less is the excellent amount of time it should take for an app to load for users to be satisfied with the app performance.

Users are fickle

After mobile app development, if the app performance doesn’t meet user experience, the chances are high that users will leave the app instantly which results in a loss of potential revenue. This can also affect an app rating that decreases the numbers of app downloads. One app marketer disclosed that a 0.1 drop in an online app rating caused a 5% decline in downloads, while a 0.3 decrease resulted in a 60% drop. Even though only 10% of users write bad reviews about an app with errors, crashes, or stops responding, and 15% gives the poor star rating for the same issues.

“On the other side: If your app performs better, it can make fast and big money in the maker.”

Generally, online shoppers are more engaged, shop and spend money more often. The mobile performance expert disclosed that only a one-second decrease in page load time results in a 35% increase in its conversion rate. While in the same study, mobile pages that load in 2.5 seconds get the high conversion rate.

So, any mobile app development company who make web or mobile apps should consider app performance as a primary aspect, combine performance testing as a compulsory part of the QA process.

It is no wonder, then, why many tech companies are hiring performance testers in order to stay competitive. That being the case, if you’re looking for a new skill to learn or a career change, you may want to consider becoming a certified performance tester!

Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Mobile App Performance

As we have discussed the demand for greater mobile app performance, now let’s check out some of the ideas to improve it.

Use Cache Images

Caching is an element of computer’s memory which collects recently used information. It can collect web pages, images, files, etc. on its local hard drive to give fast access to them when bettering performance and lessen traffic on the network. Downloading from external resources can take time, so make sure you use cache images.

Compress and resize images

When you compress an image, you minimize its size without affecting its quality. There are sites available on the web which do this. Make sure that the size of the image is right or take a high-resolution image.

Load data as required

If you found that your app needs the big amount of data then the only load as required. Don’t make the user wait longer to check the data instead pre-fetch your data if possible.

Test for performance initially and often

All applications must go through all types of testing to make sure they work properly and are compatible with all the devices. Apps should be correctly tested for user performance and monitored often.

Using the correct tool for testing performance

To check mobile performance there are many tools available in the market. You need to simply choose any of them and check your mobile app performance to know about your app, its bugs, and issues to fix them correctly.

APM (Application Performance Monitoring) system

Application Performance Monitoring system helps to detect and diagnose deep-level app performance issues to maintain the high level of service.


Mobile app performance precisely affects the user ratings, number of downloads, a rate of conversions, and revenue. If being great mobile app developers in Miami you create a high-quality app that meets or surpass user performance expectations than your users will go to use it over and over again, uplift their idea of your brand and strengthen the relationship they have with it.

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