Strategies to Increase Mobile App Engagement

Here is the list of top strategies to engage customers towards your mobile app:

1. Create value

All things can be considered but what is the purpose of building an application if it’s not making any quality to its clients? Your clients are busy and forget that they have downloaded your application. Being an application entrepreneur you will want your app at the top in the user’s mind.

And for that, you have to make an app which adds some values to them and they will be using it again and again. Ask these question to yourself that — why should the user use your app? Are you adding enough values to them to use your product again and again? Why should they choose you over other competitions?

And if you are having all the answers clearly then you are on the right way. People nowadays don’t use apps as per their looks and name, they use those apps who adds value to them and make their life easier. Mobile app development should give values to them and being a software development company you have to focus on this all the time.

2. Engage your users

Stay in contact with the customers by sending push notification is something worth to do. But push notifications can have the bad impression on users who use your apps because not everyone like it to get notifies every time. So do it in a way through which you can get benefits on your efforts.

Here are some ways which will help to remind them of your app

Emails: There are lots of things which you can do with email marketing, sending weekly or monthly newsletters, email about new features you have added in the app, discounts, promotions, news, and the recent upgrades on which you are working on currently. And you can start this with a welcome email when new user sign ups.

Push Notifications: This one is a proven method for expanding the mobile application engagement and bringing clients back.

By sending notification within your app as per the strategy will remind users that they have downloaded your app or make them take some actions and activities.

But make sure you do it according to their pattern of interacting with the app. Because there is a thin line between reminding them of your app and overdoing push notification which will make them annoyed, hence this will look like spam hence it make them to delete your app. So while desiging developers should keep this on mind and Mobile Apps Developer in Miami do the work this way only.

3. Easier On-boarding

While designing your app think about the non-technical users in mind, if they have found it easy to use then your app is worth making. It should be as simple as that it wouldn’t confuse the new users while they use it.

Providing too many steps to signup, more information fields will make the user give up on it.

Make these points in mind when you build an app:

  • Make account creation and login easy.
  • Don’t overload users with too many information of getting to go.
  • Too many information field filling will make them cranky.

Other than early client surrender or give up, less demanding on-boarding can help in increment client lifetime value up to 100%.

4. Incentivization

If you need to drive engagement and retention, giving clients incentives to utilize your application can go far.

Some specific rewards like special promotions, specialized content access, coupons and other offers helps in driving conversions and users engagement towards your app.

Besides engagements and conversation it also inspire social sharing through social media platforms which will increase visibility of your apps.

5. Product Iteration

Applications are iterative, whether they are least reasonable items or developed, cleaned, and fully functional. When you update your app, fix your bugs time to time, update the app experience, addition new features, all these features helps in engaging users to make them interested towards your app.

By analyzing the user usage behavior, listening to their feedback and you will know about the user’s needs and which part of an app is more used by them. These factors will provide you the correct information about the changes required in the app.

More important point is , if these updates are adding values to users then it will convert them be a loyal one and log term customers which help in increasing lifetime value and generate revenue for your app.


Above are all tactics that you must try to boost up the user engagement. User engagement basically depends on upon the way you deliver the information. Each and everyday developers give a birth to the thousands of apps. But, the extraordinary and the flawless apps are always used by users. So making an app is not enough now, it should add values to your users then only it will be a successful one.

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