The garden of grief

The day you departed, I felt an unbearable ache in my body…

Before I could hold, It disintegrated into several pieces…

Wherever the tears fell, the unfortunate land exhaled in pain.

The mellow yellow plants emerged from the seeds of sadness and became taller than me in no time.

Oozing a thick blue fragrance of nostalgia.

Roses here ..hibiscus there.

Transparent lilies were there too.

The tiny piece of barren land has grown into a garden…

A garden of immortal grief …where I take long walks every now and then.

The restless bees seek the nectar and fly away never to return.

At dawn the cuckoos sing-song of a strange and unsettling melancholy.

At dusk…the auburn light comes to visit me for a while.

The night showers the moonlight …

I keep staring at the twinkling stars…Some existing for long..Some fading ..just like memories.

The hollow wind and the rattling woods recite a silent poetry …

One day I will become the madman who died in his own garden of grief and became one with the land.

So tell me …How is your garden?

Do the hibiscus and lilies smell the same there?

Are the bees restless there too?