How did I make it to med school?……..sheer luck?.

A question asked by many. Parents bring their children to me, so that they can talk and get inspired by my working pattern, my thoughts. Some people even left their children at my house to analyse what exactly I do different than their kids. Amusing, isn’t it? Now that I have come to a realization, I started asking the same question to myself. What did I do differently in order to get where I am?

I am a quick learner. I have good memory( at least I used to have). This is what has helped me so far. I still have to tackle that question:how do I have good memory? -A question for another time. So, coming back to the point when asked about secret to my success, I used to say its good memory…

I was a bright student to begin with, scored well during my SSLC, got into a good pre University college and nailed it there in order to get to medical school.

The answer is simple, I had a plan!…… sounding absurd? Let me break it to you. I knew what needed to be done in order to get into med school & kept doing that, as simple as that.

I knew I had to be clinically oriented, so I started applying the information i learnt in daily life. Started questioning, how is this going to help in a longrun.

I knew I had to give up on distractions, I stayed away from gadgets, there was no television (back then there were no phones , i used use Facebook from my laptop)in our house until I had cleared my 12th exam. The television still doesn’t exists in our house.

I knew I had to complete each and every chapter taught to me on a particular day on that day itself, although this part was difficult I tried as much as I could to finish on the same day.

I knew I had to solve as many multiple choice questions as possible in order to get a good grip over that subject or topic, I did that most of the times.

I knew scoring well on internal exams would help me excel in external exams, I tried to read for even the simplest weekly test, those overtime helped me complete a huge chunk of work .

I knew I had to keep my stress levels below the set bars. I tried doing some extra curricular activities now and then to avoid burn out. You should cultivate a hobby, I like playing tabletennis. So I used to go to stadium once a week … order to press a reset button on my brain and prepare it for coming week.

I knew how to prioratize my subject to reach my goals. I was not much of a physics person, I liked chemistry & biology.I gave my 100% efforts to biology and chemistry, 75% efforts to physics. This was helpful in a way where I could completely finish 2 subjects rather than partially finishing 3 subjects.

I knew I wouldn’t remember everything forever and I had to revise multiple times, so rather than getting frustrated about the fact that I don’t remember anything, I was more focused on revising. Things would automatically pop in into my head during exams.

Finally, I knew why I was doing what I was doing, that helped me keep moving forward.

Simple, isn’t it? We already know most of the times what we are supposed to do, in order to reach the place we desire. We just don’t ask ourselves enough questions. Now do this for me, take a pen and paper start writing a simple yes or No for the things you knew. You will discover you knew most of the things. Then ask yourself the ultimate question “what is stopping you from doing what you already know?”……..




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Akshata Reddy

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