Hello this is my first project of cloud computing this task wqs given to me by vimal sir

In this project we have to make a fully automated cloud which runs your website which has image and some lines are written

so lets get started !!

step 1 — download terraform and configure it

step2 — ctreate a .tf file in which you can write your terraform code . Terraform supports language name HCL(Hashicorp configuration Language)

step3 — write your code in .tf file first provide your provider name in my case i am using aws provider

in this it is not showing provider name but no worry you can get it from terraform site

step — 4 create key using terraform cmd like i did in my above picture

step — 5 create instance using terraform cmd

step — 6 create ews volume and security guard for your instance using terraform cmd these all cmd you will find in terraform site just by typing the thing you wnt in your cloud

step — 7 after creating security guard create cloud front and s3 bucket storage like i did

step — 8 connect to your instance and download the httpd server and other things you wnt to download in your instance to deploy your website

step — 9 connect to your instance and do partition of your ebs volumeand mount it in/var/www/html and then cp your github code in /var/www/html like i did in above image

step — 10 now you are good to go just use the ip of your instance and and check in the browser that your site is working or not

step — 11 IN my case i make a null resource name cmd_for_chrome_site which go in my chrome open my site link and show my site





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