Do you believe in TIME TRAVEL?

In the year 2003, Andrew Carlson made 126 high-risk trades and didn't even lose a single penny. This strange man only invested 800 dollars and earned 250 million dollars only in two weeks.

Do you believe in time travel?

Let’s go back to Dwapar Yuga. If Indian Mythology is to be believed then Shri Krishna’s Brother Balram‘s wife traveled the time and appeared into Dwapar yug from Satyug to marry Balram. She traveled a complete yuga.

As per this story, Raivati‘s Father wanted to marry her of with best suitor ,but after trying a lot, and traveling the world over, he could not find anyone worthy of her. Then her father decided to visit Brahma-Loka to seek the creator’s guidance in this matter. They both just have spared few hours in Brahma- Loka and when they came back on earth it had been passed 116 million man years. She was in the Dwapar Yuga. There she found Balram a worthy husband and then they got married.

Now let’s come back to Andrew Carlson. When he made 126 high-risk trades and didn't even lose a single penny.( 800 dollars to 250 million dollars ) then US Secretary and Exchange Commission looked into the matter, convinced that this man has access to exclusive information. But Andrew revealed something unbelievable.

He claimed to be from the year 2256. To prove his identity, he offered Osama Bin Laden’s location, cure of cancer and an epic photograph with the time machine. Prior to Dec. 2002, no one has seen Andrew, there was no record of this 44-year-old either. He became ready for trial in April but somehow he managed to escape and was never seen again.

Once, A 21-year-old Japanese stock day trader named Takashi Kotegawa turned $13,600 into $156 million over 8 years. He still eats cup ramen for almost all of his meals. Not only does it save time, but it also prevents him from eating large meals that make him sleepy.
Like this Nicolas Darvas, the boy ended discovering his own strategy to trade that actually helped him to convert his $25,000 into $2,000,000 in just 18 months.

Well, I am not saying that time travel is not possible but yes, Andrew Carlson was not from 2256. Every day there are some people who apply their own strategy and win the market and they are anonymous, so we just don’t know about that.

Don’t you think that the whole world is trying to hide something from us?

If Stock Market is that much complex then how come these human beings are conquering it?

Let me go straight. Stock Market investments and concepts are fetched only by 2–3% of the world’s population and in India

How to conquer the stock market?

I have been trading since 2009 and went through so many see-saw moves and one thing that I learned is, You need to have the enormous dedication to learning all the concepts and once you are prepared no one can stop you make money in Indian stock market?

  • India’s most valued company TCS, delivered a 70% return in a year? Did you know that?
  • India’s second most valued company Reliance, delivered 66% return in a year? Did you know that?

How to Conquer the Stock Market?

In the stock market you analyze the company and read about it thoroughly, you make the analysis (Fundamental and Technical), then chose the best suitable stock to invest and expect the money to grow over time.

The fundamental analysis comprises of Company’s management, cash flows, valuations, books, debts, past performances, dividend, its short term, and long-term potential to back its debts, vision, mission, scope, strategies, future perspective, key people, bottom line performance over time, earnings etc. (You can learn it here Stock Analysis)

The technical analysis comprises of Candlestick charts, different indicators to find out the stock current trend, entry points, and exit points. Different strategies and indicators for daily trade mechanism. (You can learn it here Technical Analysis).

That’s all. If you know how to analyze the stock fundamentally and Technically then you are more likely to conquer the Stock Market very easily.

Akshay Seth

Research Analyst (SEB Regd.)

Source: Equityboxx | Blog