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Hey guys today we are talking about process manual to submit your Internal assignment

Instruction for uploading internal Assignments:

  1. Completed assignments must be typed (or handwritten) and formatted neatly and soft copies should be uploaded on or before end date.
  2. You may download the question paper by clicking on the question paper link provided on Edunxt portal.
  3. Ensure that you answer all questions according to the marks allocated (not more than 400 words for a 10-mark question and not more than 200 words for a five-mark question). The total page limit shall not exceed 12 pages of A-4 size. Students are advised to check their Assignments thoroughly before uploading the same, as Only ONE submission will be considered and evaluated. Multiple submissions are not allowed.
  4. Please restrict the assignment document for both typed and handwritten size to 700 KB.
  5. Please avoid inserting images of very high resolution into the document to prevent exceeding the size limit.
  6. Assignment submissions for typed documents are accepted in .doc or .docx formats. There is no need for any specific nomenclature of the file containing assignment.
  7. Assignment submissions for handwritten copies are now accepted in .pdf formats. Detailed description of scanning the handwritten assignments and converting them to PDF file for uploading is mentioned in the end of this document.
  8. Uploading should be done on Edunxt portal. Only those assignment copies uploaded on Edunxt will be considered for evaluation. No hard copies will be accepted. Please do not courier hard/soft copies of your assignments either.
  9. Please ensure you provide a valid email id and mobile number to receive confirmation message on successful submission.
  10. Consult the Helpdesk if you have any problems in submitting the assignments.
  11. Content that has been directly copied from the Internet will NOT be accepted.
  12. Assignments that have been copied and shared among students will be automatically rejected and liable for disqualification.
  13. Late submissions will NOT be accepted.
  14. Follow assignment format and complete all the details for each assignment individual

IA Submission to University — Process Manual:

The University is pleased to announce, that, for examinations to be held effective, April/May2013, as a prior requirement, students already enrolled with the University in its various Programs, will be required to submit assignments by uploading the same onto the EduNxt portal, for evaluation by the University’s pool of approved evaluators, including SMUDE Central faculty. All students are hereby directed to comply with this change in form of evaluation and upload their Assignments on time as per accompanying Template and Guidelines.

Step 1: EduNxt portal will continue to remain the base enabler for the students to get their assignment questions, however, now, it will also additionally enable them to submit their answers for assignment question. For that, first and foremost, students need to sign in EduNxt portal using their username and secret password.

Step 2: The following page would become visible upon successful signing in to the EduNxt portal. Students are required to click ‘Upload IA’ to proceed further and to view instructions and list of Subjects for uploading the answers of assignments.

Step 3: On clicking Upload IA, you will see the following options:

Click the Question paper download option for downloading the IA question paper. Once you prepare the IA answer (following the given instruction), click the Upload button to upload the Answer document.

Step 4: In this new page students need to verify the Subject once again and ensure that the upload is initiated for the correct subject only. After ensuring that the subject is correct one needs to enter latest Email Id and Mobile number details. These email Ids will receive the token number acknowledging the receipt of assignment answers.

In addition, one also needs to click the check box ‘I accept the above Terms and Conditions’ after ensuring 100% compliance of these points. Once, the student (a) ensures the correctness of subject (b) enters latest email address and mobile phone numbers and © ensures complete adherence of all the instructions the button ‘Confirm and Upload’ is to be clicked.

Step 5: Now, the following new page will emerge:

The students are required to make choice for typed or scanned copy of assignments and use the ‘Choose File’ button and select the correct file (.doc or .docx or .pdf) containing the answers, complying completely all the instructions, of assignment questions

After confirming that the correct file is selected, the student needs to press the ‘Submit Assignment’ button. Detailed description of scanning the handwritten assignments and converting them to PDF file for uploading as PDF is mentioned in the end of this document.

Step 6: On successful submission, the following screen would appear indicating the submission details with the token number.

Step 7: After receiving token number, please visit portal after 72 to 96 hours to verify further processing of your internal assessment.

  1. The further processing of IA is not yet started, please visit portal after 72 to 96 hours to view submitted internal assessment.
  2. View Submission — The further processing of internal assessment is completed and you can view your submission which will be submitted for evaluation. The submission will be displayed as shown in below screen.

For any information please call on +91–9808224973 or visit us

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